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libhbaapi(3LIB)                                                 Interface Libraries                                                libhbaapi(3LIB)

libhbaapi - Common Fibre Channel HBA information library SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -lHBAAPI [ library... ] #include <hbaapi.h> DESCRIPTION
The functions in this library access Fibre Channel HBA data. Fibre Channel HBA information is provided through a standard interface in a vendor independent manner. This common interface provides access to the following information: o Local HBA attributes o Local HBA port attributes and statistics o Mapping between FCP-2 discovered devices and operating system SCSI information o Discovered devices port attributes o SCSI commands for discovered FCP-2 devices (Report LUNS, Read Capacity, and Inquiry) o Common Transport commands to discover Fabric details INTERFACES
The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See intro(3) for additional information on shared object interfaces. HBA_CloseAdapter HBA_FreeLibrary HBA_GetAdapterAttributes HBA_GetAdapterName HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes HBA_GetBindingCapability HBA_GetBindingSupport HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes HBA_GetEventBuffer HBA_GetFC4Statistics HBA_GetFCPStatistics HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding HBA_GetFcpTargetMapping HBA_GetFcpTargetMappingV2 HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters HBA_GetPersistentBindingV2 HBA_GetPortAttributesByWWN HBA_GetPortStatistics HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes HBA_GetVersion HBA_GetWrapperLibraryAttributes HBA_LoadLibrary HBA_OpenAdapter HBA_OpenAdapterByWWN HBA_RefreshAdapterConfiguration HBA_RefreshInformation HBA_RegisterForAdapterAddEvents HBA_RegisterForAdapterEvents HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortEvents HBA_RegisterForAdapterPort- HBA_RegisterForLinkEvents StatEvents HBA_RegisterForTargetEvents HBA_RemoveAllPersistentBindings HBA_RemoveCallback HBA_RemovePersistentBinding HBA_ResetStatistics HBA_ScsiInquiryV2 HBA_ScsiReadCapacityV2 HBA_ScsiReportLUNsV2 HBA_SendCTPassThru HBA_SendCTPassThruV2 HBA_SendLIRR HBA_SendRLS HBA_SendRNID HBA_SendRNIDV2 HBA_SendRPL HBA_SendRPS HBA_SendReadCapacity HBA_SendReportLUNs HBA_SendSRL HBA_SendScsiInquiry HBA_SetBindingSupport HBA_SetPersistentBindingV2 HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo USAGE
Client applications link with the Common Library (using -lHBAAPI) to access the interfaces. The Common Library dynamically loads individual Vendor-Specific Libraries (VSL) listed in /etc/hba.conf described on the hba.conf(4). Using the libhbaapi involves the following steps: 1. Optionally determining the version of the library by calling HBA_GetVersion(3HBAAPI). 2. Initializing the Common Library by calling HBA_LoadLibrary(3HBAAPI). 3. Determine the number of HBAs known to the common library by calling HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3HBAAPI). 4. Determine each HBA name in turn by calling HBA_GetAdapterName(3HBAAPI). 5. Open each HBA in turn by calling HBA_OpenAdapter(3HBAAPI). 6. Operate on a given HBA by calling the following: o HBA_GetAdapterAttributes(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetPortAttributesByWWN(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendCTPassThru(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendCTPassThruV2(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetEventBuffer(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendRNID(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendRNIDV2(3HBAAPI) o HBA_RefreshInformation(3HBAAPI) o HBA_RefreshAdapterConfiguration(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetWrapperLibraryAttributes(3HBAAPI) o HBA_ResetStatistics(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetFcpTargetMapping(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetFcpTargetMappingV2(3HBAAPI) o HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendScsiInquiry(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendReportLUNs(3HBAAPI) o HBA_ScsiReportLUNsV2(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendReadCapacity(3HBAAPI) o HBA_SendRLS(3HBAAPI) 7. Close open HBAs by calling HBA_CloseAdapter(3HBAAPI). 8. Unload the library by calling HBA_FreeLibrary(3HBAAPI). ERRORS
Errors are generally returned from the underlying VSL and can include any of the following values: HBA_STATUS_OK Request completed successfully. (No Error) HBA_STATUS_ERROR Non-specific error encountered. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED The VSL does not support this interface. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE The handle argument does not refer to an open HBA handle. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_ARG An argument in the request was invalid. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_WWN A WWN in the request was not recognized. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INDEX An index in the request was not recognized. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_MORE_DATA A larger buffer is required to complete the requested operation. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_STALE_DATA The state of the HBA has changed, possibly due to Dynamic Reconfiguration or devices being added or removed. The caller should call HBA_RefreshInformation(3HBAAPI) and reissue any discovery logic to reset all indexes related to this HBA. HBA_STATUS_SCSI_CHECK_CONDITION A SCSI check-condition was encountered during the I/O operation. Not all VSLs report this error value. Some might return HBA_STA- TUS_ERROR when a check-condition is encountered, or HBA_STATUS_OK. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_BUSY The requested device is busy. A retry might be effective. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_TRY_AGAIN The requested I/O timed out. A retry might be effective. HBA_STATUS_ERROR_UNAVAILABLE The requested HBA has been removed or deactivated. All other error values are reserved. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcfcl (32-bit) | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | |SUNWcfclx (64-bit) | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Standard: FC-MI 1.92 (API | | |version 1) | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | |Standard: FC-HBA Version 4 | | |(API version 2) | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
HBA_GetAdapterAttributes(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetAdapterName(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetBindingCapability(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetEventBuffer(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetFcpTargetMap- ping(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetPortAttributesByWWN(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetPortStatistics(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetVer- sion(3HBAAPI), HBA_GetWrapperLibraryAttributes(3HBAAPI), HBA_LoadLibrary(3HBAAPI), HBA_OpenAdapter(3HBAAPI), HBA_RefreshInforma- tion(3HBAAPI), HBA_RegisterForAdapterEvents(3HBAAPI), HBA_SendCTPassThru(3HBAAPI), HBA_SendRLS(3HBAAPI), HBA_SendScsiInquiry(3HBAAPI), HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo(3HBAAPI), hba.conf(4), attributes(5) T11 FC-MI Specification SunOS 5.10 1 Sep 2003 libhbaapi(3LIB)

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