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cr_uncompress(3) [hpux man page]

cr_uncompress(3)					     Library Functions Manual						  cr_uncompress(3)

cr_uncompress - uncompress a file in a crash dump SYNOPSIS
The ensures that a file, part of a crash dump described by crash_cb, is uncompressed and matches its expected size and checksum (as com- puted by cksum(1)). This call is most often used to ensure the integrity of module files that are a part of the crash dump; see cr_info(3). pathname is the name of the file to uncompress. Supported compression methods include gzip(1), which appends a to the filename, and com- press(1), which appends Respectively, size and checksum are the expected size and checksum of the uncompressed file. Either validity check can be disabled by specifying zero for the corresponding parameter. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero for success. Other possible return values are described in libcrash(5). EXAMPLE
The following call to cr_uncompress(3) ensures that the kernel file is uncompressed and validated. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
gunzip(1), uncompress(1), cr_info(3), cr_open(3), libcrash(5). cr_uncompress(3)

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cr_info(3)						     Library Functions Manual							cr_info(3)

cr_info - retrieve crash dump information SYNOPSIS
The function returns a pointer to a structure with information about an open crash dump. cr_info_t The structure contains the following fields. Note that there is no necessary correlation between the placement in this list and the order in the structure, and the structure may contain other, reserved fields. In the future, this structure may change in size and should not be copied to avoid compatibility problems with various releases. char *cri_hostname Name of system dumped char *cri_model Model string from system char *cri_panic Panic message char *cri_release Release string from system char *cri_dumptime Time of the crash dump char *cri_savetime Time crash dump saved uint64_t cri_chunksize Size of uncompressed image files. uint64_t cri_memsize Physical size of memory (bytes) uint64_t cri_num_err Number of error messages char **cri_errmsg Error messages from INDEX file uint64_t cri_num_warn Number of warning messages char **cri_warnmsg Warning messages from INDEX file uint64_t cri_num_mod Number of module structures cri_modinfo_t *cri_modinfo Array of module structures uint32_t cri_num_nodes Number of nodes uint32_t cri_monarch_node Physical monarch node number The fields cri_hostname, cri_model, cri_panic, cri_release, cri_dumptime, and cri_savetime are all null-terminated strings; respectively, representing the name and model of the system that dumped, the panic message, the release version string of the kernel, and the times that the system dumped and the dump was saved. The amount, in bytes, of physical memory on the system is in cri_memsize. The target size, in bytes, of individual uncompressed image files is in cri_chunksize. cri_errmsg and cri_warnmsg are arrays of null-terminated strings with the list of saved messages. cri_num_err and cri_num_warn are the number of strings in each list. cri_modinfo is an array of structures defining the loaded kernel modules; there are cri_num_mod elements in the array. cri_num_nodes is the number of nodes contained on the machine and cri_monarch_node is the physical node number of the monarch. cri_modinfo_t The structure contains information specific to kernel modules loaded into memory at the time of the system crash. The specific fields are: char *mdi_loadpath File path when loaded into memory char *mdi_savepath File path when saved in crash directory uint64_t mdi_size Size in bytes uint64_t mdi_checksum Checksum of the file from cksum(1) Again, the order of these fields within the structure is not specified, and other reserved fields may be present in the structure. The caller must not modify any information in any of the structures returned by RETURN VALUE
returns a pointer to the structure described above. If is not a valid descriptor of a crash dump opened with the return value is unde- fined. EXAMPLES
Assuming a process opened a crash dump, the following call to cr_info(3) retrieves the information about the open crash dump. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cr_open(3), libcrash(5). cr_info(3)
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