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cr_perror(3) [hpux man page]

cr_perror(3)						     Library Functions Manual						      cr_perror(3)

cr_perror - print a libcrash error or warning message SYNOPSIS
prints to standard error an error or warning message corresponding to error, which should be the return value from an immediately previous call to one of the libcrash calls. The message describes the problem that occurred, explains its implications when appropriate, and gives corrective action where appropriate. If called with a zero error value, indicating success, prints nothing. Therefore, it can be called after each libcrash call without harm. (If called after with the flag set, repeated error messages may result.) crash_cb should be the same crash dump descriptor as was passed to the call that returned error. If the call was pass the crash dump descriptor returned by that call, even if it is NULL. If error is indicating that the system variable contains the error information, will refer to to print the appropriate message. In these cases it is critical that be called immediately after the offending libcrash call returns. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cr_open(3), cr_verify(3), libcrash(5). cr_perror(3)

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cr_uncompress(3)					     Library Functions Manual						  cr_uncompress(3)

cr_uncompress - uncompress a file in a crash dump SYNOPSIS
The ensures that a file, part of a crash dump described by crash_cb, is uncompressed and matches its expected size and checksum (as com- puted by cksum(1)). This call is most often used to ensure the integrity of module files that are a part of the crash dump; see cr_info(3). pathname is the name of the file to uncompress. Supported compression methods include gzip(1), which appends a to the filename, and com- press(1), which appends Respectively, size and checksum are the expected size and checksum of the uncompressed file. Either validity check can be disabled by specifying zero for the corresponding parameter. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero for success. Other possible return values are described in libcrash(5). EXAMPLE
The following call to cr_uncompress(3) ensures that the kernel file is uncompressed and validated. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
gunzip(1), uncompress(1), cr_info(3), cr_open(3), libcrash(5). cr_uncompress(3)

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