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map-mbone(1m) [hpux man page]

map-mbone(1M)															     map-mbone(1M)

map-mbone - Multicast Router Connection Mapper SYNOPSIS
debuglevel] retries] timeout] [multicast-router] DESCRIPTION
requests the multicast router connection information from the multicast-router, and prints the information to the standard out. sends out the ASK_NEIGHBORS igmp message to the multicast-router. When the multicast-router receives the request, it sends back its configuration information. multicast-router can be either an ip address or a system name. If the multicast-router is not specified, flood mode is on by default and the igmp request message is sent to all the multicast router on the local network. With flood mode on, when finds new neighbor routers from the replies, it will send the same igmp request to the new neighbor routers. This activity continues until no new neighbor routers are reported in the replies. The command line options are: Sets the level for printing out the debug message. The default is 0, which prints only error and warning messages. Debug level three prints most the messages. Sets the retry times to poll the routing daemon for information. The default is 1. It specifies the timeout value in seconds for waiting the reply. The default value is 2 seconds. Sets the flood mode on. It is the default value when no multicast-router is given on the command line input. Generates output in GRaphEd format. Disable DNS lookup for the multicast router names. The output contains the interface configuration information of the requested router(s). The format for each interface output is: If there are multiple neighbor routers on one interface, they will all be reported. The neighbor_name will not be printed if the option is specified on the command line. The possible values for are: Neighbors are reached via tunnel. The tunnel uses IP source routing. The interface is down. The interface is administratively disabled for multicast routing. The local router is the querier of the subnet. The format of the GRaphEd output is: If there is no neighbor router on an interface, then a will be put next to the node_name. If there are multiple neighbor routers on one interface, all of them will be reported. The possible values for are: The neighbor is reached via tunnel. The neighbor is on the same network/subnet. The interface is down. Please see mrouted(1M) for and EXAMPLES
Querying for the multicast router connection information. (localhost) [version 3.3]: -> (all-zeros-broadcast) [1/1/disabled] -> ( [10/1/tunnel] -> ( [10/1/tunnel/down] Querying for multicast router connectivity with option: GRAPH "Multicast Router Connectivity: Wed Feb 1 17:34:59 1995"=UNDIRECTED 252537488 {$ NP 1440 1060 $} "*" ; 252538974 {$ NP 940 1120 $} "" 252537488 "10/1E" 252539807 "1/1P" ; 252539807 {$ NP 1590 1150 $} "*" ; Note must be run as root. AUTHOR
was developed by Pavel Curtis. SEE ALSO
mrouted(1M), mrinfo(1M). map-mbone(1M)

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mrinfo(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 mrinfo(8)

mrinfo - Displays configuration information from a multicast router SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/mrinfo [-d debug_level] [-r retry_count] [-t timeout_count] multicast_router OPTIONS
Sets the debug level. When the debug level is greater than 0 (the default), additional debugging messages are printed. Regardless of the debug level, if an error condition occurs, mrinfo writes an error message and terminates. Nonzero debug levels have the following effects: Prints packet warnings to stderr. Prints all level 1 messages and notifications of down networks to stderr. Prints all level 2 messages and notifications of all packet timeouts to stderr. Specifies the number of times to retry a neighbor query. The default is 3 retries. Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a neighbor to reply to a query. The default timeout is 4 seconds. DESCRIPTION
The mrinfo command displays the configuration information from the multicast router multicast_router. The mrinfo command sends the ASK_NEIGHBORS IGMP message to the specified multicast router. If the multicast router responds, the response includes the version number and a list of addresses for their neighboring multicast routers. If the responding router has a recent multi- cast version number, mrinfo requests additional information such as metrics, thresholds, and options from the multicast router. Once the specified multicast router responds, the configuration is displayed to the standard output. RESTRICTIONS
You must be superuser in order to run mrinfo. EXAMPLES
The following example shows the output of the mrinfo command where is specified as the multicast router: mrinfo ( [version 3.3]: -> (?) [1/1/querier] -> ( [1/45/tunnel] -> ( [1/32/tunnel/down] -> ( [1/32/tunnel] For each neighbor of the queried multicast router, the IP address of the queried router is displayed, followed by the IP address and name of the neighbor. In square brackets, the metric (cost of connection) and the threshold (multicast ttl) are displayed. If the queried multi- cast router has a newer version number, the type (tunnel, srcrt) and status (disabled, down) of the connection are displayed. SEE ALSO
Commands: map-mbone(8), mrouted(8), mtrace(8) Networking: mrinfo(8)
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