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(freebsd section 9)
man page for vop_fsync

VOP_FSYNC(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					      VOP_FSYNC(9)

VOP_FSYNC -- flush file system buffers for a file SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/vnode.h> int VOP_FSYNC(struct vnode *vp, int waitfor, struct thread *td); DESCRIPTION
This call flushes any dirty file system buffers for the file. It is used to implement the sync(2) and fsync(2) system calls. Its arguments are: vp The vnode of the file. waitfor Whether the function should wait for I/O to complete. Possible values are: MNT_WAIT Synchronously wait for I/O to complete. MNT_NOWAIT Start all I/O, but do not wait for it. MNT_LAZY Push data not written by file system syncer. td The calling thread. LOCKS
The file should be locked on entry. RETURN VALUES
Zero is returned if the call is successful, otherwise an appropriate error code is returned. ERRORS
[ENOSPC] The file system is full. [EDQUOT] Quota exceeded. SEE ALSO
vnode(9) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Doug Rabson. BSD
July 24, 1996 BSD
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