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vm_map_max(9) [freebsd man page]

VM_MAP_MAX(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					     VM_MAP_MAX(9)

vm_map_max, vm_map_min, vm_map_pmap -- return map properties SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <vm/vm.h> #include <vm/vm_map.h> vm_offset_t vm_map_max(vm_map_t map); vm_offset_t vm_map_min(vm_map_t map); pmap_t vm_map_pmap(vm_map_t map); DESCRIPTION
The function vm_map_max() returns the upper address bound of the map map. The function vm_map_min() returns the lower address bound of the map map. The function vm_map_pmap() returns a pointer to the physical map associated with the virtual map map. SEE ALSO
pmap(9), vm_map(9) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Bruce M Simpson <>. BSD
July 19, 2003 BSD

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