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BOOT(9) 						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						   BOOT(9)

boot -- halt or reboot the system SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/systm.h> #include <sys/reboot.h> void boot(int howto); DESCRIPTION
The boot() function handles final system shutdown, and either halts or reboots the system. The exact action to be taken is determined by the flags passed in howto and by whether or not the system has finished autoconfiguration. If the system has finished autoconfiguration, boot() does the following: 1. If this is the first invocation of boot() and the RB_NOSYNC flag is not set in howto, syncs and unmounts the system disks by call- ing vfs_unmountall(9). 2. Disables interrupts. 3. If rebooting after a crash (i.e., if RB_DUMP is set in howto, but RB_HALT is not), saves a system crash dump. 4. Runs any shutdown hooks previously registered. 5. Prints a message indicating that the system is about to be halted or rebooted. 6. If RB_HALT is set in howto, halts the system. Otherwise, reboots the system. If the system has not finished autoconfiguration, boot() runs any shutdown hooks previously registered, prints a message, and halts the sys- tem. SEE ALSO
vfs_unmountall(9) BSD
February 14, 1997 BSD

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reboot(2)							System Calls Manual							 reboot(2)

       reboot - reboot system or halt processor

       #include <sys/reboot.h>

       int howto;

       howto   The howto argument is a mask of options passed to the bootstrap program.

	       The bits of howto are:

		      the processor is simply halted; no reboot takes place.  RB_HALT should be used with caution.

		      Interpreted  by  the bootstrap program itself, causing it to inquire as to what file should be booted.  Normally, the system
		      is booted from the file "xx(0,0)vmunix" without asking.

		      Normally, the reboot procedure involves an automatic disk consistency check and then multi-user operations.  RB_SINGLE  pre-
		      vents  the consistency check, rather simply booting the system with a single-user shell on the console.  RB_SINGLE is inter-
		      preted by the init(8) program in the newly booted system.  This switch is not available from the system call interface.

	       Only the superuser may a machine.

       The system call reboots the system, and is invoked automatically in the event of unrecoverable system failures.	The system call  interface
       permits	only  RB_HALT or RB_AUTOBOOT to be passed to the reboot program; the other flags are used in scripts stored on the console storage
       media or used in manual bootstrap procedures.  When none of these options (for example, RB_AUTOBOOT) is given, the system is rebooted  from
       file in the root file system of unit 0 of a disk chosen in a processor-specific way.  Normally, an automatic consistency check of the disks
       is then performed.

Return Values
       If successful, this call never returns.	Otherwise, a -1 is returned, and an error is stored in the global variable errno.

       The call fails under the following condition:

       [EPERM]	      The caller is not the superuser.

See Also
       crash(8v), halt(8), init(8), reboot(8)

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