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HCSECD(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 HCSECD(8)

hcsecd -- control link keys and PIN codes for Bluetooth devices SYNOPSIS
hcsecd [-dh] -f configfile DESCRIPTION
The hcsecd daemon controls link keys and PIN codes for Bluetooth devices. It opens a raw HCI socket and listens for Link_Key_Request, PIN_Code_Request and Link_Key_Notification HCI events. Once a Link_Key_Request or PIN_Code_Request HCI event is received, the daemon scans the configuration file for a matching entry. The remote device BD_ADDR is used as a key. If no matching entry was found, the default entry will be used. If no default entry was found then it is assumed that no link key and no PIN code exists. For any given entry, the link key takes precedence over the PIN code. If a link key was not specified, the device must generate the link key from the PIN code. If an entry was found and the link key (or PIN code) exists, the Link_Key_Request_Reply (or PIN_Code_Request_Reply) command will be sent back to the device. Otherwise, the Link_Key_Request_Negative_Reply (or PIN_Code_Request_Negative_Reply) command will be sent back to the device. The hcsecd daemon also handles HCI Link_Key_Notification events and caches link keys created from the PIN codes in memory. To preserve link keys between restarts the hcsecd daemon dumps link keys for all entries in the /var/db/hcsecd.keys link keys file. If it exists, the link keys file gets processed by the hcsecd daemon after it processes its main configuration file. The link keys file gets written every time the hcsecd daemon shuts down gracefully. It is possible to force the hcsecd daemon to re-read its main configuration file and dump the link keys file by sending the HUP signal to the hcsecd process. The user is expected to not modify the link keys file by hand. The command line options are as follows: -d Do not detach from the controlling terminal. -f configfile Specify the name of the configuration file. The default is /etc/bluetooth/hcsecd.conf. -h Display usage message and exit. FILES
/etc/bluetooth/hcsecd.conf /var/db/hcsecd.keys /var/run/ SEE ALSO
ng_btsocket(4), ng_hci(4), hcsecd.conf(5), hccontrol(8), hcseriald(8) AUTHORS
Maksim Yevmenkin <> BUGS
Currently there is no way to select the link key or the PIN code based on which local device received the request. Everything is based on the remote device BD_ADDR. An interface for external helpers to obtain link keys and PIN codes is missing. BSD
November 16, 2002 BSD

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WESTCOS-TOOL(1) 						   OpenSC tools 						   WESTCOS-TOOL(1)

westcos-tool - utility for manipulating data structures on westcos smart cards SYNOPSIS
The westcos-tool utility is used to manipulate the westcos data structures on 2 Ko smart cards. Users can create PINs, keys and certificates stored on the token. User PIN authentication is performed for those operations that require it. OPTIONS
--reader, r num Use the given reader. The default is the first reader with a card. --wait, -w Wait for a card to be inserted --generate-key, -g Generate a private key on smart card. The smart card must be not finalized and a PIN must be installed (ie. file for PIN must be created, see option -i). By default key length is 1536 bits. User authentication is required for this operation. --overwrite-key, -o Overwrite the key if there is already a key on card. --key-length length, -l length Change the length of private key, use with -g. --install-pin, -i Install PIN file in token, you must provide PIN value with -x. --pin-value value, -x value set value of PIN. --puk-value value, -y value set value of PUK (or value of new PIN for change PIN command see -n). --change-pin, -n Changes a PIN stored on the token. User authentication is required for this operation. --unblock-pin, -u Unblocks a PIN stored on the token. Knowledge of the PIN Unblock Key (PUK) is required for this operation. --certificate file, -t file Write certificate file in PEM format to the card. User authentication is required for this operation. --finalize, -f Finalize the card. Once finalized the default key is invalidated so PIN and PUK can't be changed anymore without user authentication. Warning, un-finalized are insecure because PIN can be changed without user authentication (knowledge of default key is enough). --read-file path, -j path Get the file path the file is written on disk with path name. User authentication is required for this operation. --write-file path, -k path Put the file with name path from disk to card the file is written in path. User authentication is required for this operation. --help, -h Print help message on screen. -v Causes westcos-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to enable debug output in the OpenSC library. AUTHORS
westcos-tool was written by Francois Leblanc opensc 06/03/2012 WESTCOS-TOOL(1)
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