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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for hccontrol (freebsd section 8)

HCCONTROL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      HCCONTROL(8)

hccontrol -- Bluetooth HCI configuration utility
hccontrol [-hN] [-n HCI_node_name] command [parameters ...]
The hccontrol utility connects to the specified Netgraph node of type HCI or the first one found if none is specified and attempts to send the specified command to the HCI Netgraph node or to the associated Bluetooth device. The hccontrol utility will print results to the stan- dard output and error messages to the standard error. The options are as follows: -h Display usage message and exit. -N Show Bluetooth addresses as numbers. Normally hccontrol attempts to resolve Bluetooth addresses, and display them symbolically. -n HCI_node_name Connect to the specified HCI Netgraph node. command One of the supported commands (see below). The special command help can be used to obtain the list of all supported commands. To get more information about a specific command use help command. parameters One or more optional space separated command parameters. Many commands require a remote device address as one of the parameters. The remote device address can be specified as BD_ADDR or a name. If a name was specified then the hccontrol utility will attempt to resolve the name via bt_gethostbyname(3).
The currently supported HCI commands in hccontrol are: Inquiry Create_Connection Disconnect Add_SCO_Connection Change_Connection_Packet_Type Remote_Name_Request Read_Remote_Supported_Features Read_Remote_Version_Information Read_Clock_Offset Role_Discovery Switch_Role Read_Link_Policy_Settings Write_Link_Policy_Settings Reset Read_Pin_Type Write_Pin_Type Read_Stored_Link_Key Write_Stored_Link_Key Delete_Stored_Link_Key Change_Local_Name Read_Local_Name Read_Connection_Accept_Timeout Write_Connection_Accept_Timeout Read_Page_Timeout Write_Page_Timeout Read_Scan_Enable Write_Scan_Enable Read_Page_Scan_Activity Write_Page_Scan_Activity Read_Inquiry_Scan_Activity Write_Inquiry_Scan_Activity Read_Authentication_Enable Write_Authentication_Enable Read_Encryption_Mode Write_Encryption_Mode Read_Class_Of_Device Write_Class_Of_Device Read_Voice_Settings Write_Voice_Settings Read_Number_Broadcast_Retransmissions Write_Number_Broadcast_Retransmissions Read_Hold_Mode_Activity Write_Hold_Mode_Activity Read_SCO_Flow_Control_Enable Write_SCO_Flow_Control_Enable Read_Link_Supervision_Timeout Write_Link_Supervision_Timeout Read_Page_Scan_Period_Mode Write_Page_Scan_Period_Mode Read_Page_Scan_Mode Write_Page_Scan_Mode Read_Local_Version_Information Read_Local_Supported_Features Read_Buffer_Size Read_Country_Code Read_BD_ADDR Read_Failed_Contact_Counter Reset_Failed_Contact_Counter Get_Link_Quality Read_RSSI The currently supported node commands in hccontrol are: Read_Node_State Initialize Read_Debug_Level Write_Debug_Level Read_Node_Buffer_Size Read_Node_BD_ADDR Read_Node_Features Read_Node_Stat Reset_Node_Stat Flush_Neighbor_Cache Read_Neighbor_Cache Read_Connection_List Read_Node_Link_Policy_Settings_Mask Write_Node_Link_Policy_Settings_Mask Read_Node_Packet_Mask Write_Node_Packet_Mask Read_Node_Role_Switch Write_Node_Role_Switch Read_Node_List
The hccontrol utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
bluetooth(3), netgraph(3), netgraph(4), ng_hci(4), hcseriald(8)
Maksim Yevmenkin <>
Most likely. Please report if found.
February 7, 2015 BSD

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