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autounmountd(8) [freebsd man page]

AUTOUNMOUNTD(8) 					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					   AUTOUNMOUNTD(8)

autounmountd -- daemon unmounting automounted filesystems SYNOPSIS
autounmountd [-d] [-r time] [-t time] [-v] DESCRIPTION
The autounmountd daemon is responsible for unmounting filesystems mounted by automountd(8). On startup, autounmountd retrieves a list of filesystems that have the automounted mount option set. The list is updated every time a filesystem is mounted or unmounted. After a speci- fied time passes, autounmountd attempts to unmount a filesystem, retrying after some time if necessary. These options are available: -d Debug mode: increase verbosity and do not daemonize. -r Number of seconds to wait before trying to unmount an expired filesystem after a previous attempt failed, possibly due to filesystem being busy. The default value is 600, or ten minutes. -t Number of seconds to wait before trying to unmount a filesystem. The default value is 600, or ten minutes. -v Increase verbosity. EXIT STATUS
The autounmountd utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
auto_master(5), autofs(5), automount(8), automountd(8) HISTORY
The autounmountd daemon appeared in FreeBSD 10.1. AUTHORS
The autounmountd was developed by Edward Tomasz Napierala <> under sponsorship from the FreeBSD Foundation. BSD
December 13, 2014 BSD

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AUTOMOUNT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      AUTOMOUNT(8)

automount -- update autofs mounts SYNOPSIS
automount [-D name=value] [-L] [-c] [-f] [-o options] [-v] [-u] DESCRIPTION
When called without options, the automount command parses the auto_master(5) configuration file and any direct maps that it references, and mounts or unmounts autofs(4) filesystems to match. These options are available: -D Define a variable. It is only useful with -L. -L Do not mount or unmount anything. Instead parse auto_master(5) and any direct maps, then print them to standard output. When specified more than once, all the maps, including indirect ones, will be parsed and shown. This is useful when debugging configuration problems. -c Flush caches, discarding possibly stale information obtained from maps and directory services. -f Force unmount, to be used with -u. -o Specify mount options to be used along with the ones specified in the maps. It is only useful with -L. -u Try to unmount filesystems mounted by automountd(8). autofs(5) mounts are not unmounted. To unmount all autofs mounts, use umount -At autofs. -v Increase verbosity. EXIT STATUS
The automount utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. EXAMPLES
Unmount all filesystems mounted by automountd(8): automount -u SEE ALSO
auto_master(5), autofs(5), automountd(8), autounmountd(8) HISTORY
The automount command appeared in FreeBSD 10.1. AUTHORS
The automount was developed by Edward Tomasz Napierala <> under sponsorship from the FreeBSD Foundation. BSD
November 22, 2014 BSD

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