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CARDBUS(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						CARDBUS(4)

cardbus -- CardBus bus driver SYNOPSIS
device cardbus DESCRIPTION
The cardbus driver implements the CardBus bus. The cardbus driver supports all cardbus bridges in the system. TUNABLES
The driver supports the following tunable parameters, which may be added to /boot/loader.conf or set via the sysctl(8) command: hw.cardbus.debug Non-zero values cause more verbose information to be printed when a 32-bit CardBus card is inserted or removed. hw.cardbus.cis_debug Non-zero value causes the CIS parsing of the 32-bit CardBus card to be much more verbose and include a complete CIS dump. SEE ALSO
pccard(4), pccbb(4) BSD
July 9, 2002 BSD

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PCCARD(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						 PCCARD(4)

pccard -- PC Card bus driver SYNOPSIS
device pccard DESCRIPTION
The pccard driver implements the PC Card bus. The pccard driver supports all PC Card bridges in the system. TUNABLES
The driver supports the following tunable parameters, which may be added to /boot/loader.conf or set via the sysctl(8) command: hw.pccard.debug Non-zero values cause more verbose information to be printed when a 16-bit PC Card is inserted or removed. hw.pccard.cis_debug Non-zero value causes the CIS parsing of the 16-bit PC Card to be much more verbose and include a complete CIS dump. FILES
/dev/pccard0.cis This exclusive-use device will report all the CIS chains present in a PC Card, if a 16-bit PC Card is inserted in the slot. Only one user at a time may access the CIS. The CIS is presented as the relevant byte stream from the PC Card. For CIS tuples in Attribute Memory (the default), only the even locations are presented (the ODD locations are undefined per the standard). For CIS tuples in Common Memory, every byte is presented to the user. Decoding of the CIS tuples is done via a userland program. All tuples are presented to the user. SEE ALSO
cardbus(4), pccbb(4) PC Card Standard, Release 8. BSD
July 9, 2002 BSD
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