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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for dwarf_add_expr_gen (freebsd section 3)

DWARF_ADD_EXPR_GEN(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				     DWARF_ADD_EXPR_GEN(3)

dwarf_add_expr_gen -- add an operator to a location expression descriptor
DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf)
#include <libdwarf.h> Dwarf_Unsigned dwarf_add_expr_gen(Dwarf_P_Expr expr, Dwarf_Small opcode, Dwarf_Unsigned val1, Dwarf_Unsigned val2, Dwarf_Error *err);
Function dwarf_add_expr_gen() adds a location expression operator to the location expression descriptor referenced by argument expr. Argument expr should reference a location expression descriptor allocated using the function dwarf_new_expr(3). Argument opcode specifies the operation code of the location expression operator. Valid values for this argument are those denoted by the DW_OP_* constants defined in <libdwarf.h>. To generate a DW_OP_addr operation, application code should instead use dwarf_add_expr_addr_b(3). Argument val1 specifies the first operand of the location expression operator. Argument val2 specifies the second operand of the location expression operator. If argument err is not NULL, it will be used to store error information in case of an error.
On success, function dwarf_add_expr_gen() returns the size in bytes of the location expression byte stream generated. In case of an error, function dwarf_add_expr_gen() returns DW_DLV_NOCOUNT and sets the argument err.
Function dwarf_add_expr_gen() can fail with: [DW_DLE_ARGUMENT] Argument expr was NULL. [DW_DLE_LOC_EXPR_BAD] The operation code specified in argument opcode was invalid. [DW_DLE_MEMORY] An out of memory condition was encountered during the execution of the function.
dwarf(3), dwarf_add_AT_location_expr(3), dwarf_add_expr_addr(3), dwarf_add_expr_addr_b(3), dwarf_expr_current_offset(3), dwarf_expr_into_block(3), dwarf_new_expr(3)
September 9, 2011 BSD

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