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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for dwarf_add_at_location_expr (freebsd section 3)

DWARF_ADD_AT_LOCATION_EXPR(3)				   BSD Library Functions Manual 			     DWARF_ADD_AT_LOCATION_EXPR(3)

dwarf_add_AT_location_expr -- create an attribute descriptor for a location expression
DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf)
#include <libdwarf.h> Dwarf_P_Attribute dwarf_add_AT_location_expr(Dwarf_P_Debug dbg, Dwarf_P_Die die, Dwarf_Half attr, Dwarf_P_Expr loc_expr, Dwarf_Error *err);
Function dwarf_add_AT_location_expr() creates an attribute descriptor for a location expression and attaches it to the debugging information entry referenced by argument die. Argument dbg should reference a DWARF producer instance allocated using dwarf_producer_init(3) or dwarf_producer_init_b(3). Argument die should reference a debugging information entry allocated using dwarf_new_die(3). Argument attr specifies the attribute code of the created attribute descriptor. Argument loc_expr should reference a location expression descriptor allocated using dwarf_new_expr(3). The attribute created by function dwarf_add_AT_location_expr() will have one of the DWARF forms DW_FORM_block, DW_FORM_block1, DW_FORM_block2 or DW_FORM_block4, depending on the size of the byte stream generated by the location expression descriptor referenced by argument loc_expr. If argument err is not NULL, it will be used by to store error information in case of an error.
On success, function dwarf_add_AT_location_expr() returns the created attribute descriptor. In case of an error, function dwarf_add_AT_location_expr() returns DW_DLV_BADADDR and sets the argument err.
Function dwarf_add_AT_location_expr() can fail with: [DW_DLE_ARGUMENT] One of the arguments dbg, die or loc_expr was NULL. [DW_DLE_MEMORY] An out of memory condition was encountered during the execution of the function.
dwarf(3), dwarf_new_die(3), dwarf_new_expr(3), dwarf_producer_init(3), dwarf_producer_init_b(3)
September 5, 2011 BSD

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