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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for acl_add_perm (freebsd section 3)

ACL_ADD_PERM(3) 					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					   ACL_ADD_PERM(3)

acl_add_perm -- add permissions to a permission set
Standard C Library (libc, -lc)
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/acl.h> int acl_add_perm(acl_permset_t permset_d, acl_perm_t perm);
The acl_add_perm() function is a POSIX.1e call that adds the permission contained in perm to the permission set permset_d. Note: it is not considered an error to attempt to add permissions that already exist in the permission set. For POSIX.1e ACLs, valid values are: ACL_EXECUTE Execute permission ACL_WRITE Write permission ACL_READ Read permission For NFSv4 ACLs, valid values are: ACL_READ_DATA Read permission ACL_LIST_DIRECTORY Same as ACL_READ_DATA ACL_WRITE_DATA Write permission, or permission to create files ACL_ADD_FILE Same as ACL_READ_DATA ACL_APPEND_DATA Permission to create directories. Ignored for files ACL_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY Same as ACL_APPEND_DATA ACL_READ_NAMED_ATTRS Ignored ACL_WRITE_NAMED_ATTRS Ignored ACL_EXECUTE Execute permission ACL_DELETE_CHILD Permission to delete files and subdirectories ACL_READ_ATTRIBUTES Permission to read basic attributes ACL_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES Permission to change basic attributes ACL_DELETE Permission to delete the object this ACL is placed on ACL_READ_ACL Permission to read ACL ACL_WRITE_ACL Permission to change the ACL and file mode ACL_SYNCHRONIZE Ignored Calling acl_add_perm() with perm equal to ACL_WRITE or ACL_READ brands the ACL as POSIX. Calling it with ACL_READ_DATA, ACL_LIST_DIRECTORY, ACL_WRITE_DATA, ACL_ADD_FILE, ACL_APPEND_DATA, ACL_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY, ACL_READ_NAMED_ATTRS, ACL_WRITE_NAMED_ATTRS, ACL_DELETE_CHILD, ACL_READ_ATTRIBUTES, ACL_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES, ACL_DELETE, ACL_READ_ACL, ACL_WRITE_ACL or ACL_SYNCHRONIZE brands the ACL as NFSv4.
The acl_add_perm() function returns the value 0 if successful; otherwise the value -1 is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error.
The acl_add_perm() function fails if: [EINVAL] Argument permset_d is not a valid descriptor for a permission set within an ACL entry. Argument perm does not contain a valid acl_perm_t value. ACL is already branded differently.
acl(3), acl_clear_perms(3), acl_delete_perm(3), acl_get_brand_np(3), acl_get_permset(3), acl_set_permset(3), posix1e(3)
POSIX.1e is described in IEEE POSIX.1e draft 17.
POSIX.1e support was introduced in FreeBSD 4.0. The acl_add_perm() function was added in FreeBSD 5.0.
The acl_add_perm() function was written by Chris D. Faulhaber <>.
June 25, 2009 BSD