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sctp_generic_recvmsg(2) [freebsd man page]

SCTP_GENERIC_RECVMSG(2) 				      BSD System Calls Manual					   SCTP_GENERIC_RECVMSG(2)

sctp_generic_recvmsg -- receive data from a peer LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netinet/sctp.h> int sctp_generic_recvmsg(int s, struct iovec *iov, int iovlen, struct sockaddr *from, socklen_t *fromlen, struct sctp_sndrcvinfo *sinfo, int *msgflags); DESCRIPTION
sctp_generic_recvmsg() is the true system call used by the sctp_recvmsg(3) function call. This call is more efficient since it is a true system call but it is specific to FreeBSD and can be expected not to be present on any other operating system. For detailed usage please see the sctp_recvmsg(3) function call. RETURN VALUES
The call returns the number of bytes read on success and -1 upon failure. ERRORS
[EBADF] The argument s is not a valid descriptor. [ENOTSOCK] The argument s is not a socket. SEE ALSO
sctp_recvmsg(3), sctp(4) BSD
October 30, 2007 BSD

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SCTP_RECVMSG(3) 					     Linux Programmer's Manual						   SCTP_RECVMSG(3)

sctp_recvmsg - Receive a message from a SCTP socket. SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netinet/sctp.h> int sctp_recvmsg(int sd, void * msg, size_t len, struct sockaddr * from, socklen_t * fromlen, struct sctp_sndrcvinfo * sinfo, int * msg_flags); DESCRIPTION
sctp_recvmsg is a wrapper library function that can be used to receive a message from a socket while using the advanced features of SCTP. sd is the socket descriptor on which the message pointed to by msg of length len is received. If from is not NULL, the source address of the message is filled in. The argument fromlen is a value-result parameter. initialized to the size of the buffer associated with from , and modified on return to indicate the actual size of the address stored. sinfo is a pointer to a sctp_sndrcvinfo structure to be filled upon receipt of the message. msg_flags is a pointer to a integer that is filled with any message flags like MSG_NOTIFICATION or MSG_EOR. RETURN VALUE
On success, sctp_recvmsg returns the number of bytes received or -1 if an error occurred. SEE ALSO
sctp(7) sctp_bindx(3), sctp_connectx(3), sctp_sendmsg(3), sctp_send(3), sctp_peeloff(3), sctp_getpaddrs(3), sctp_getladdrs(3), sctp_opt_info(3) Linux 2.6 2005-10-25 SCTP_RECVMSG(3)

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