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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for tty (freebsd section 1)

TTY(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						    TTY(1)

tty -- return user's terminal name
tty [-s]
The tty utility writes the name of the terminal attached to standard input to standard output. The name that is written is the string returned by ttyname(3). If the standard input is not a terminal, the message ``not a tty'' is written. The options are as follows: -s Do not write the terminal name; only the exit status is affected when this option is specified. The -s option is deprecated in favor of the ``test -t 0'' command.
The tty utility exits 0 if the standard input is a terminal, 1 if the standard input is not a terminal, and >1 if an error occurs.
test(1), ttyname(3)
The tty utility is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 (``POSIX.2'') compatible.
A tty command appeared in Version 1 AT&T UNIX.
June 6, 1993 BSD

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