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xrdp-sesrun(8) [debian man page]

sesrun(8)																 sesrun(8)

sesrun - sesman(8) session launcher SYNTAX
sesrun <server> <username> <password> <width> <height> <bpp> DESCRIPTION
sesrun starts a session using sesman(8). This is a tool useful for testing, it simply behaves like xrdp when some user logs in a new session and authenticates, thus starting a new session. OPTIONS
<server> Server on which sesman is running <username> user name of the session being started <password> user password <width> Screen width <height> Screen height <bpp> Session color depth FILES
Jay Sorg <> Simone Fedele <> SEE ALSO
sesman(8) sesman.ini(5) xrdp(8) xrdp.ini(5) for more info on xrdp see xrdp team 0.1.0 sesrun(8)

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xrdp(8) 																   xrdp(8)

xrdp - a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server SYNTAX
xrdp [ --nodaemon | --kill | --help ] DESCRIPTION
xrdp is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Server. Unlike Windows NT/2000/2003 server, xrdp will not display a Windows desktop but an X window desktop to the user. It can also be used as a VNC->RDP bridge. OPTIONS
-n, --nodaemon Starts xrdp in foreground instead of starting it as a daemon. -k, --kill Kills running xrdp daemon. -h, --help Output help information and exit. FILES
${XRDP_BIN_DIR}/xrdp ${XRDP_CFG_DIR}/xrdp.ini ${XRDP_LOG_DIR}/xrdp.log ${XRDP_PID_DIR}/ AUTHORS
Jay Sorg <> Simone Fedele <> SEE ALSO
xrdp.ini(5) sesman(8) sesman.ini(5) sesrun(8) for more info on xrdp see xrdp team 0.1.0 xrdp(8)
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