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wzdftpd(8) [debian man page]

wzdftpd(8)						      System Manager's Manual							wzdftpd(8)

wzdftpd - a modular and cool ftp server SYNOPSIS
wzdftpd [arguments] DESCRIPTION
wzdftpd is a ftp server designed to be modular and entirely configurable online using SITE commands. wzdftpd offers the following features: - Simple configuration file, supporting inclusions - Online administration, using SITE commands - Backends to store users/groups in different structures - Modules: internal, using shared librairies, or external (scripts/applications) - Users are virtual: you do not need to create users in system - SSL/TLS support - Server is designed to run as a non-privileged user to enforce security - Server can detect ip changes (dynamic ips) and set ip and passive ip accordingly - Cross devices operations (copy/move) (though can be slow) - Logging support (compatible with the wu-ftpd standard) - Designed for high performances: coded with C, multithreaded OPTIONS
-h, --help Display this text -d Delete IPC if present (Linux only) -f filename Load alternative config file -s, --force-foreground Stay in foreground -V, --version Show version. AUTHOR and CREDITS wzdftpd is written and maintained by Pierre Chifflier <> The Official wzdftpd website: This manpage was written by Roman Bogorodskiy <> SEE ALSO
ftp(1), services(5), ftpd(8). wzdftpd November 2004 wzdftpd(8)

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siteuptime(1)							   wzdftpd tools						     siteuptime(1)

siteuptime - show current uptime for FTP server (wzdftpd) SYNOPSIS
The siteuptime command shows current uptime for wzdftpd. OPTIONS
--user,-u XXX Use username XXX instead of wzdftpd. --pass,-w XXX Use password XXX with the username. --host,-h XXX Connect to the specified host. --port,-p XXX Employ the specified port number for connecting to the server. --secure,-s Enforce a secure connection, aborts if negotiation fails. --insecure,-t Do not try to negotiate a secure connection. AUTHORS
wzdftpd is written and maintained by Pierre Chifflier <>, and some others contributors, full credits can be found in /usr/share/doc/wzdftpd/AUTHORS SEE ALSO
wzdftpd(8),ftp(1),siteconfig(1),sitewho(1) Full documentation on wzdftpd, including configuration and FAQs, is available at For help/support, try the wzdftpd mailing lists, detailed on Report bugs at siteuptime (wzdftpd) November 2004 siteuptime(1)
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