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dwww-build(8) [debian man page]

DWWW-BUILD(8)							      Debian							     DWWW-BUILD(8)

dwww-build - build dwww index lists SYNOPSIS
dwww-build [--verbose] --default dwww-build [--verbose] html-directory DESCRIPTION
dwww-build builds the index lists of all available documents (manual pages, Info files, and so on); it should be run whenever documentation is installed or removed. dwww(7) does not work unless dwww-build has been run at least once; when the package is installed, it is run automatically. The default dwww installation creates a /etc/cron.daily/dwww, which automatically updates the pages each day. The html-directory argument specifies the directory where all the dwww HTML files will be stored. No other files should be stored there. If --default is used, the files are generated in dwww subdirectory of the directory specified in the DWWW_DOCROOTDIR variable in the /etc/dwww/dwww.conf file. (Default is /var/www/dwww.) FILES
/etc/dwww/dwww.conf Configuration file for dwww(7). FILES
/etc/dwww/dwww-user.css If such a file exists, its contents will be appended to the dwww.css file. /var/www/dwww Where all dwww HTML files are stored, if nothing else is specified. /var/lib/dwww Directory used for temporary created files. Can be overridden with the DWWW_TMPDIR variable. SEE ALSO
dwww-build-menu(8), dwww(7). AUTHOR
Lars Wirzenius. See dwww(7) for copyrights and stuff. dwww 1.11.1 February 15th, 2009 DWWW-BUILD(8)

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DWWW-FORMAT-MAN(8)						      Debian							DWWW-FORMAT-MAN(8)

dwww-format-man - batch format manual pages for dwww SYNOPSIS
dwww-format-man [-v|--verbose] directory ... DESCRIPTION
dwww-format-man looks for manual pages in the directories named on the command line. It formats each manual page, and puts the formatted version into the dwww document cache. System administrator's can run dwww-format-man if they want to make it faster to retrieve manual pages via dwww. If dwww-format-man is not run, dwww will automatically format manual pages not in its cache. Long pages take a few moments to format, but rarely so slow that it is worth running. dwww-format-man runs dwww-convert(8) with privileges of DWWW_CGIUSER (see dwww(7). OPTIONS
-v, --verbose Print each proceeded file name. SEE ALSO
dwww(7), dwww-convert(8). AUTHOR
Lars Wirzenius <>. Slightly modified by Robert Luberda <>. See dwww(7) for copyrights and stuff. dwww 1.11.1 February 15th, 2009 DWWW-FORMAT-MAN(8)
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