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dtc_kill_vps_disk(8) [debian man page]

dtc_kill_vps_disk(8)					      System Manager's Manual					      dtc_kill_vps_disk(8)

dtc_kill_vps_disk - destroy LVM disks for freeing space SYNOPSIS
dtc_kill_vps_disk VPS_NUMBER [ lvm|loopback ] DESCRIPTION
dtc_kill_vps_disk This shell script is a part of the dtc-xen package that is to be used by the dtc panel to manage a Xen VPS server. This script is used to delete a partitions that was used by a VPS. It will delete the normal partition that was used as a root disk, and the swap partition. dtc_kill_vps_disk is to be used by the dtc-xen SOAP server, but can also be used as a standalone userland tool. OPTIONS
VPS_NUMBER has to be a number between 01 and 19. Let's say the number is 16, and that dtc-xen is configured to use the volume group called lvm1, then this script will create /dev/lvm1/xen16 and /dev/lvm1/xen16swap. IMAGE_TYPE This parameter can have 2 values: either lvm or loopback. If ommited, then lvm is used. If lvm is used, then this script will create a partition using lvmcreate, otherwise it will create an image file. Both will later be used for the VPS. EXAMPLE
dtc_setup_vps_disk 04 lvm This will delete the 2 LVM partitions that were used by the VPS named xen04, the first one being the root partition, and the second one being the swap partition. VERSION
This documentation describes dtc_kill_vps_disk See for updates. SEE ALSO
dtc_reinstall_os(8), dtc_setup_vps_disk(8) dtc_kill_vps_disk(8)

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dtc-xen_migrate(8)					      System Manager's Manual						dtc-xen_migrate(8)

dtc-xen_migrate - migrate a VPS to another Xen server SYNOPSIS
dtc-xen_migrate This shell script is a part of the dtc-xen package that is to be used by the dtc panel to manage a Xen VPS server. Note that you need rsync in both the source and the destination dom0. This script is used to move the content of a Xen virtual machine (VM) managed with dtc-xen to another Xen server of the same type. The VM destination will first be prepared, then the local VM will be shut down, then it's content will be transfered over using rsync. Note that this is NOT a live migration, and down time of approximatively the time needed for the rsync will occure. PARAMETERS
LOCAL_VPS_ID The DTC-Xen id of the VM, from 00 to 99. DESTINATION_HOSTNAME Destination Xen server hostname to migrate to. DEST_VPS_ID Destination DTC-Xen id of the VM, from 00 to 99. EXAMPLE
dtc-xen_migrate 19 21 This will migrate the content of xen19 on the local machine to the destination server using xen21 as VM name. SEE ALSO
dtc_reinstall_os(8), dtc_kill_vps_disk(8) dtc-xen_migrate(8)
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