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clamav-milter(8) [debian man page]

clamav-milter(8)						  Clam AntiVirus						  clamav-milter(8)

clamav-milter - milter compatible mail scanner SYNOPSIS
clamav-milter [options] DESCRIPTION
Clamav-milter is a filter for sendmail(1) mail server. It uses a mail scanning engine built into clamd(8). Clamav-milter can use load balancing and fault tolerant techniques to connect to more than one clamd(8) server and seamlessly hot-swap to even the load between different machines and to keep scanning for viruses even when a server goes down. OPTIONS
-h, --help Output help information and exit. -V, --version Print the version number and exit. -c FILE, --config-file=FILE Read configuration from FILE. FILES
/etc/clamav/clamav-milter.conf AUTHOR
sendmail(8), clamav-milter.conf(5), clamd(8), clamd.conf(5) ClamAV 0.98.4 Feb 25, 2009 clamav-milter(8)

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Mail::Milter::Wrapper(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Mail::Milter::Wrapper(3pm)

Mail::Milter::Wrapper - Perl extension for wrappering milter objects SYNOPSIS
use Mail::Milter::Wrapper; my $milter = ...; my $wrapper = new Mail::Milter::Wrapper($milter, &foo); use Sendmail::Milter; ... Sendmail::Milter::register('foo', $wrapper, SMFI_CURR_ACTS); DESCRIPTION
Mail::Milter::Wrapper wraps another milter, allowing for interception of the passed arguments and/or return code of the contained milter. METHODS
new(MILTER, CODEREF[, CALLBACK ...]) Creates a Mail::Milter::Wrapper object. MILTER is the milter to wrap, which may be a plain hash reference or an instance of a hashref object such as "Mail::Milter::Object". CODEREF is the wrapper subroutine. CALLBACKs, if specified, are named callbacks which are needed by the wrapper, even if the contained milter does not use them. The wrapper subroutine will be called with the following arguments, in this order: * reference to the wrapper * name of callback * subroutine reference to call into the wrapped milter * arguments for the callback (>= 0) This subroutine should ALWAYS pass the "close" callback through to the contained milter. Failure to do so may corrupt the contained milter's state information and cause memory leaks. As an example, a simple subroutine which just passes the callback through might be written as: sub callback_wrapper { shift; # don't need $this my $cbname = shift; my $callback_sub = shift; &$callback_sub(@_); } AUTHOR
Todd Vierling, <> <> SEE ALSO
Mail::Milter, Sendmail::Milter perl v5.8.8 2004-02-26 Mail::Milter::Wrapper(3pm)
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