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mheardd(8) [debian man page]

MHEARDD(8)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							MHEARDD(8)

mheardd - collect information about packet activity SYNOPSIS
mheardd [-f] [-l] [-n number] [-p [!]port1[,port2,..]] [-v] DESCRIPTION
Mheardd is a daemon that collects the statistics about the activity on all the AX.25 channels that are configured. The list generated is available for viewing by the mheard(1) program. The information collected is a superset of the information normally collected by similar mheard programs and this is reflected in the options available for the viewing program. Logging to the system log file may be enabled which will enable monitoring of pathalogical conditions, for example invalid frame types and invalid/unknown protocol IDs. OPTIONS
-f Deletes the existing mheard logging file at program startup, this is not the default. -l Enables logging to the system log file. The default is off. -n number Sets the number of entries in the activity list file, the default is 100. The minimum value allowed is 10 and the maximum is 1000. -p [!]port1[,port2,..] With -p, you instruct mheardd to only listen on specified ax25 ports. You may give more ports, seperated by ','. If you intro- duce the port(s) by a leading '!', then mheardd will listen on all ports except those you specified. -v Display the version. FILES
/var/ax25/mheard/mheard.dat /etc/ax25/axports SEE ALSO
mheard(1), ax25(4). AUTHOR
Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <> Linux 27 August 1996 MHEARDD(8)

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RXECHO(8)						   Linux System Managers Manual 						 RXECHO(8)

rxecho - Route AX.25 packets between ports transparently. SYNOPSIS
rxecho [-l] [-v] DESCRIPTION
Rxecho copies AX.25 frames between interfaces without altering their contents. The purpose of this utility is to allow other AX.25 aware programs/computers to share the same AX.25 ports as the Linux kernel AX.25 code. It could be used to route packets out onto another serial port to allow another machine running DOS based programs to share the same radio ports as the Linux machine, or it could route packets out onto a pseudo-tty to another application on the same machine. The copying could even be to another radio port. The copying of the packets is controlled by a configuration file rxecho.conf(5), which can be set up to selectively copy packets. OPTIONS
-l Enables logging of errors to the system log, the default is off. -v Display the version. FILES
/etc/ax25/axports /etc/ax25/rxecho.conf SEE ALSO
axports(5), rxecho.conf(5), kissattach(8). AUTHOR
Tomi Manninen OH2BNS <> Linux 15 October 1996 RXECHO(8)
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