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greed(6) [debian man page]

GREED(6)							       Games								  GREED(6)

greed - eat a game field until you run out of moves SYNOPSIS
greed [-s] DESCRIPTION
The object of Greed is to erase as much of the screen as possible by moving around in a grid of numbers. To move your cursor, simply use your arrow keys or the the 'hjklyubn' keys or your numberic Your location is signified by the @ symbol. When you move in a direction, you erase N number of grid squares in that direction, N being the first number in that direction. Your score reflects the total number of squares eaten. Greed will not let you make a move that would have placed you off the grid or over a previously eaten square. If no valid moves exist, your game ends. Other Greed commands are 'Ctrl-L' to redraw the screen, 'p' to toggle the highlighting of the possible moves, and 'q' to quit. The only ommand line option to Greed is '-s' to output the high score file. ENVIRONMENT
Greed will detect color curses(3) support at compilation time. If you have it, Greed will generate the board in color, one color to each of the digit values. This will also enable checking of an environment variable GREEDOPTS to override the default color set, which will be parsed as a string of the form: <c1><c2><c3><c4><c5><c6><c7><c8><c9>[:[p]] where <cn> is a character decribing the color for digit n. The color letters are read as follows: b = blue, g = green, c = cyan, r = red, m = magenta, y = yellow, w = white. In addition, capitalizing a letter turns on the A_BOLD attribute for that letter. If the string ends with a trailing :, letters following are taken as game options. At present, only 'p' (equivalent to an initial 'p' command) is defined. FILES
/var/games/greed/greed.hs Default location of Greed high scores. AUTHORS
Originally written by Matt Day. Maintained by See ESR's home page at for updates and other resources. BUGS
This really ought to be an X game, but that would have been too much like work. greed 11/24/2011 GREED(6)

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GRIDLOCK(6)							   Games Manual 						       GRIDLOCK(6)

Gridlock - collection of grid-based board games SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents briefly the Gridlock command. Gridlock is a collection of several grid-based strategy games. The games include Ataxx, Reversi, Gomoku, Connect Four, Breakthrough, Glass Bead, Hexapawn, Quad Wrangle, Cats and Dogs and Moray Eels. After launching the application, the game window will appear. Select the game you want to play from the "Game" popup menu in the upper right. Some games have different starting configurations (board size, grid layout, etc); when one of those games are selected a "Configura- tions" popup menu will appear from which you can select a configuration. The bottom right displays the color and status of the two players. Each player's color is shown by a circle; the player whose turn it is has a filled circle. For games in which players have a score (Ataxx, Eeversi, Glass Bead), the scores are shown next to the player labels. Popup windows underneath each player's label allow you to specify whether each player is human or computer-controlled, and the difficulty of computer players. (Note that "Hard" computer opponents may take a long time to make their moves). The rest of the window contains the game board. To make a move, click on the cell where you wish to place a piece. Ataxx and Breakthrough require that you move from one cell to another; to do this first click on the cell you wish to move from, then click on the cell you wish to move to. For all games, cells that are legal moves will become highlighted when you move the mouse over them. If you are unable to make a move, you can pass by clicking the "Pass" button on the right. The "Restart" button will restart the game, requiring confirmation if a game is in progress. You can play these games over the network. It is possible to save and load games. SEE ALSO
GNUstep(7). AUTHOR
This manual page was written and updated by Gurkan Sengun <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by oth- ers). October 17, 2003 GRIDLOCK(6)

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