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FREEDROIDRPG(6) 					      User's Reference Manual						   FREEDROIDRPG(6)

freedroidRPG -- a futuristic immersive RPG about fighting bots SYNOPSIS
freedroidRPG [-f | --fullscreen | -w | --window] [-r | --resolution] [-q | --nosound] [-n | --no_open_gl] DESCRIPTION
FreedroidRPG tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between robots and their human masters. Play as Tux in a quest to save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy. You get to choose which path you wish to follow, and freedom of choice is everywhere in the game. FreedroidRPG features a real time combat system with melee and ranged weapons, fairly similar to the proprietary game Diablo. There is an innovative system of programs that can be run in order to take control of enemy robots, alter their behavior, or improve one's characteris- tics. You can use over 150 different kinds of items and fight countless enemies on your way to your destiny. An advanced dialog system pro- vides story background and immersive role playing situations. Gameplay Please see the README or the tutorial in the game for more details. Updates Periodically we release updated versions of FreedroidRPG with expanded plot, requested features, and other improvements. Please check the FreedroidRPG Homepage: for the most updated versions of the game. OPTIONS
-h | --help List command-line options. -v | --version Prints out FreedroidRPG version information. -q | --nosound Suppress sound output. -f | --fullscreen Work in full screen mode. Note that fullscreen or window mode can also be toggled from within the game via the options menu. -w | --window Start FreedroidRPG in a window rather than using full screen mode. -n | --no_open_gl Use SDL rendering rather than OpenGL. -r Y | --resolution= Y Selects a resolution to start the game in. -r 99 lists common resolutions. Resolutions can also be set in-game. -e | --editor Skips the main menu and opens up the level editor. -l character-name | --load character-name Skip the main menu and load the saved game. The parameter character-name should be saved game name. FILES
$HOME/.freedroid_rpg/config The file containing all configuration settings of this user. $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.savegame Saved games for the characters. $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.thumbnail.bmp Thumbnail images of the characters. $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.shp Game state for the saved games. BUGS
We make every effort to release stable versions of FreedroidRPG. However we're sure that there are still some bugs here and there. Please see the FAQ in the README for common issues. If you encounter any problems or bugs, please contact us: IRC #freedroid on Mailing List Bug tracker FreedroidRPG Bug Tracker: SEE ALSO
freedroid(6) AUTHORS
freedroidRPG was written by FreedroidRPG Development Team <> led by Arthur Huillet. Visit us at the FreedroidRPG Homepage: for updates or if you'd like to help. BSD
February 22, 2011 BSD

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asc [options] DESCRIPTION
This program is a free (GPL) turn based strategy game in the tradition of BattleIsle 2/3. Game can be played against human or computer. It features a 2-dim. map that is tiled into hexagons where units are placed. The object of the game varies from map to map. The most commonly know goal is to completely eliminate an oppononet by detroying all his units. OPTIONS
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