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nrports(5) [debian man page]

NRPORTS(5)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							NRPORTS(5)

nrports - NET/ROM port configuration file. DESCRIPTION
Nrports is an ASCII file that contains information about each of the NET/ROM ports that are to be used. When dealing with an NET/ROM util- ity such as call, it takes an optional argument that is the port name. This port name is a reference to the line within nrports, which has the same name. The information on each line contains enough information to bind the command to a particular NET/ROM interface, this binding is done by matching the callsign on the line in nrports with the callsign of the port set by ifconfig. The nrports file may contain comments that begin with a # in the first column, or a port description in the following format, each field being delimited by white space: name callsign alias paclen description The field descriptions are: name this is the unique NET/ROM port identifier. callsign the callsign of the NET/ROM interface to bind to. alias this is the alias of the NET/ROM port. paclen is the default packet size for this interface. description a free format description of this interface, this field extends to the end of the line. It may contain spaces. FILES
/etc/ax25/nrports SEE ALSO
call(1), netrom(4), ifconfig(8), nrparms(8). Linux 2 August 1996 NRPORTS(5)

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NRATTACH(8)						   Linux System Managers Manual 					       NRATTACH(8)

nrattach - Start a NET/ROM interface SYNOPSIS
nrattach [-i inetaddr] [-m mtu] [-v] port DESCRIPTION
Nrattach takes many of the parameters for the port from the nrports(5) file. The paclen parameter is used for the device mtu unless over- ridden by a value on the command line. The port argument is the name of a port as given in the nrports(5) file. Nrattach tries to find the first free NET/ROM device in the system. The devices checked are nr0, nr1, nr2 and nr3 in that order. If no free NET/ROM device is available an error is generated and the program terminates. OPTIONS
-i inetaddr Set the internet address of the interface. This address may either be a dotted decimal address or a host name. -m mtu Sets the mtu of the interface. If this value is not given then the value is taken from the paclen parameter in nrports. -v Display the version. SEE ALSO
netrom(4), nrparms(4), nrports(5), ifconfig(8). BUGS
The program can be run many times with the same arguments creating many instances of the same attributes on different devices. Not a good idea. AUTHOR
Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <> Linux 21 May 1996 NRATTACH(8)
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