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jazip.conf(5) [debian man page]

JAZIP.CONF(5)							File Formats Manual						     JAZIP.CONF(5)

jazip.conf - jazip(1) configuration file. DESCRIPTION
The /etc/jazip.conf file lists the Jaz and Zip devices that users are allowed to mount and unmount using jazip, along with the mount points used by jazip for each device. If you have more than one drive on your system, you can create a separate entry in the configuration file for each one, and then specify the raw device name of the drive you want to use on the command line when you invoke jazip. If no device name is given on the command line, jazip will use the settings in the first entry of /etc/jazip.conf by default. FILE FORMAT
The format of the jazip.conf file should be mostly self-explanatory. Each line looks like: /dev/sda /zip auto auto 0 0 The first entry is the raw SCSI device name of your drive (e.g. /dev/sda without a partition number ). The second entry is the mount point you wish to use (e.g. /zip ). The additional entries: auto auto 0 0 are required but are not user-changeable. They are required because jazip uses standard system call to do mounting and they expect this format. The type of filesystem (e.g. vfat or ext2 ) will be automatically detected by jazip and is not listed in /etc/jazip.conf. CONFIGURATION SCRIPT
See the jazipconfig(8) man page for specifics on the jazipconfig command that you can use to create /etc/jazip. SEE ALSO
jazip(1), jazipconfig(8) AUTHOR
jazip Copyright (c) 1996 Jarrod A. Smith This manual page by Peter S Galbraith <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). JAZIP.CONF(5)

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JAZIPCONFIG(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    JAZIPCONFIG(8)

jazipconfig - jazip(1) configuration tool. SYNOPSIS
jazipconfig [--non-interactive] DESCRIPTION
The jazipconfig script is a tool to easily build the /etc/jazip.conf file for the configuration of jazip(1) OPTIONS
The optional --non-interactive command line parameter instructs jazipconfig to do what it can to build a /etc/jazip.conf file without prompting the user. On Debian systems, the command is invoked this way by the jazip package post-installation script. In this non-interactive mode, the script looks through /proc/scsi/scsi for detected Zip or Jaz devices. If it find any, it looks up /etc/fstab to see if it can find already specified mount points for them. If (and only if) it finds mount points, it writes the device and mount point to /etc/jazip.conf INTERACTIVE USE
If no command line options are provided, jazipconfig runs interactively. In this case, it also looks through /proc/scsi/scsi for detected Zip or Jaz devices. If it find any, it looks up /etc/fstab to see if it can find already specified mount points for them. Then it creates a user menu which you can use to create the /etc/jazip.conf file. NOTES
The first entry listed in /etc/jazip.conf is the default device used when jazip is called without an argument. SEE ALSO
jazip(1), jazip.conf(5) AUTHOR
Copyright (c) 1999 Peter S Galbraith <> This manual page by Peter S Galbraith <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). JAZIPCONFIG(8)

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