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INADYN.CONF(5)						   File formats and conventions 					    INADYN.CONF(5)

inadyn.conf - configuration for the inadyn client for open DNS servers. DESCRIPTION
inadyn can read the very same options which can be present in the command line from a configuration file. This feature allows the user to write the options only once, and avoids frequent retyping. The format of the file follows the *NIX tradition: a '#' character denotes a comment. The long options (those with '--' in front) can also be placed at the beginning of the line without '--' signs. a can be used as an escape character. EXAMPLES
1. #Some comment about inadyn cfg file --username test --password test --update_period 60000 --alias --alias my.second.domain 2. --username test # user --password test update_period 60000 # some other param without '--' alias SEE ALSO
Other manual pages inadyn(8). Internet resources Inadyn 's home page is <> AUTHOR
inadyn was written by Narcis Ilisei, <>. This manual page was written by Shaul Karl, <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system, based on the readme.html file that is found in the source. Linux applications January, 2005 INADYN.CONF(5)

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WHOIS.CONF(5)							 Debian GNU/Linux						     WHOIS.CONF(5)

whois.conf - alternative WHOIS servers list for whois client SYNOPSIS
/etc/whois.conf DESCRIPTION
This file contains a list of WHOIS servers which can augment or override the built-in list of the client. It's a plain text file in ASCII encoding. Each line consists of two fields: a pattern to match WHOIS object identifier and a corresponding WHOIS server domain name. Fields are separated by non-empty sequence of space or a tabular characters. A line starting with a hash character is a free comment and it's not considered. The pattern is case-insensitive extended regular expression if whois client has been compiled with POSIX regular expressions support. Oth- erwise, simple case-insensitive suffix comparison against WHOIS object identifier is used. Internationalized domain names (IDN) must be specified in ascii-compatible encoding (ACE) format. EXAMPLE
.nz$ # Hangul Korean TLD .xn--3e0b707e$ # Private ASNs ^as645(1[2-9]|2[0-9]|3[0-4])$ FILES
/etc/whois.conf SEE ALSO
whois(1) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Petr Pisa <> and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or higher. Petr Pisa 9 April 2013 WHOIS.CONF(5)
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