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mcd(4) [debian man page]

MCD(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    MCD(4)

mcd -- Mitsumi CD-ROM driver SYNOPSIS
device mcd In /boot/device.hints:"isa""0x300""10" DESCRIPTION
The mcd driver provides a data and audio interface to the Mitsumi-brand CD-ROM player. The CD-ROM player must be interfaced to the ISA bus through one of the Mitsumi proprietary controller boards. The controller boards supported are the LU002S, LU005S, the FX001 and the quite common FX001D. The mcd driver responds to disk-specific ioctl() commands, namely the DIOCGDINFO, DIOCGPART, DIOCWDINFO, and DIOCSDINFO, commands. Other disk-specific ioctl() commands will return an error. The mcd driver also responds to special CD-ROM ioctl() commands. These commands control the CD-ROM player's audio features. The commands are: CDIOCREADSUBCHANNEL get sub-channel information on current status of disc playing CDIOCREADTOCHEADER get table of contents header CDIOCREADTOCENTRYS gets all of the table of contents CDIOCPLAYTRACKS begins audio playing at location specified CDIOCPLAYBLOCKS fails with error EINVAL CDIOCPLAYMSF begins audio playing at location specified CDIOCRESUME resumes playing a previously paused disc CDIOCPAUSE pauses a playing disc CDIOCSTART begins playing a disc CDIOCSTOP stops a previously playing disc CDIOCEJECT opens the disc tray (there is no support for a corresponding un-eject command). CDIOCRESET stops any play and resets the Mitsumi controller board CDIOCSETDEBUG cause the kernel to print debug messages to the console about the mcd driver CDIOCCLRDEBUG cause the kernel to quit printing debug messages about the mcd driver The ioctl() commands defined above are the only ones that the mcd driver supports. There are other CD-ROM related ioctl() commands (such as CDIOCSETVOL and CDIOCSETSTERIO) which are available and may be supported by future versions of the driver. FILES
/dev/(r)mcd0a accesses BSD partition on the disc. Normally, there is only one file system on a CD-ROM disc. /dev/(r)mcd0c accesses raw device. NOTES
The character-mode devices for the mcd driver should only be used for accessing the audio features of the CD-ROM player as the performance on data is abysmal. The current version of the driver uses neither the DMA or IRQ features of the interface board, although it has an interrupt handler for any IRQ requests that are generated. Until the DMA features are supported, the only interrupts that the board generates are those that are not supported by the driver anyway. SEE ALSO
<sys/cdio.h> HISTORY
An mcd driver appeared in FreeBSD 1.0. AUTHORS
The driver was written by Holger Veit (data part) and Brian Moore (audio part). Changes were provided by Gary Clark II, Andrew A. Chernov, and Jordan K. Hubbard. BSD
December 8, 1994 BSD

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mcd(1)							      General Commands Manual							    mcd(1)

       mcd - change MSDOS directory

Note of warning
       This  manpage  has been automatically generated from mtools's texinfo documentation, and may not be entirely accurate or complete.  See the
       end of this man page for details.

       The mcd command is used to change the mtools working directory on the MS-DOS disk. It uses the following syntax:

	  mcd [msdosdirectory]

       Without arguments, mcd reports the current device and working directory.  Otherwise, mcd changes the current  device  and  current  working
       directory relative to an MS-DOS file system.

       The  environmental  variable MCWD may be used to locate the file where the device and current working directory information is stored.  The
       default is `$HOME/.mcwd'.  Information in this file is ignored if the file is more than 6 hours old.

       Mcd returns 0 on success or 1 on failure.

       Unlike MS-DOS versions of CD, mcd can be used to change to another device. It may be wise to remove old `.mcwd' files at logout.

See Also
       Mtools' texinfo doc

Viewing the texi doc
       This manpage has been automatically generated from mtools's texinfo documentation. However, this process is only  approximative,  and  some
       items, such as crossreferences, footnotes and indices are lost in this translation process.  Indeed, these items have no appropriate repre-
       sentation in the manpage format.  Moreover, not all information has been translated into the manpage version.  Thus I strongly  advise  you
       to use the original texinfo doc.  See the end of this manpage for instructions how to view the texinfo doc.

       *      To generate a printable copy from the texinfo doc, run the following commands:

		     ./configure; make dvi; dvips mtools.dvi

       *      To generate a html copy,	run:

		     ./configure; make html

       A premade html can be found at `'

       *      To generate an info copy (browsable using emacs' info mode), run:

		     ./configure; make info

       The  texinfo  doc looks most pretty when printed or as html.  Indeed, in the info version certain examples are difficult to read due to the
       quoting conventions used in info.

mtools-4.0.18							      09Jan13								    mcd(1)

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