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kinosearch1::search::searchclient(3pm) [debian man page]

KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient(3pm)

Make a remote procedure call.  For every call that does not close/terminate the socket connection, expect a response back that's been serialized
using Storable.

KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient - connect to a remote SearchServer SYNOPSIS
my $client = KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient->new( peer_address => 'searchserver1:7890', password => $pass, analyzer => $analyzer, ); my $hits = $client->search( query => $query ); DESCRIPTION
SearchClient is a subclass of KinoSearch1::Searcher which can be used to search an index on a remote machine made accessible via SearchServer. METHODS
new Constructor. Takes hash-style params. o peer_address - The name/IP and the port number which the client should attempt to connect to. o password - Password to be supplied to the SearchServer when initializing socket connection. o analyzer - An object belonging to a subclass of KinoSearch1::Analysis::Analyzer LIMITATIONS
Limiting search results with a QueryFilter is not yet supported. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2006-2010 Marvin Humphrey LICENSE, DISCLAIMER, BUGS, etc. See KinoSearch1 version 1.00. perl v5.14.2 2011-11-15 KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient(3pm)

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KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher(3pm) 		User Contributed Perl Documentation		   KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher(3pm)

Dummy class, only here to support initialization of Weights from Queries.

KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher - Aggregate results from multiple searchers. SYNOPSIS
for my $server_name (@server_names) { push @searchers, KinoSearch1::Search::SearchClient->new( peer_address => "$server_name:$port", analyzer => $analyzer, password => $pass, ); } my $multi_searcher = KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher->new( searchables => @searchers, analyzer => $analyzer, ); my $hits = $multi_searcher->search( query => $query ); DESCRIPTION
Aside from the arguments to its constructor, MultiSearcher looks and acts just like a KinoSearch1::Searcher object. The primary use for MultiSearcher is to aggregate results from several remote searchers via SearchClient, diffusing the cost of searching a large corpus over multiple machines. METHODS
new Constructor. Takes two hash-style parameters, both of which are required. o analyzer - an item which subclasses KinoSearch1::Analysis::Analyzer. o searchables - a reference to an array of searchers. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2006-2010 Marvin Humphrey LICENSE, DISCLAIMER, BUGS, etc. See KinoSearch1 version 1.00. perl v5.14.2 2011-11-15 KinoSearch1::Search::MultiSearcher(3pm)
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