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courier::filter::module::sendcopy(3pm) [debian man page]

Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy(3pm)

Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy - Pseudo-filter for the Courier::Filter framework that sends a copy of certain messages to additional recipients SYNOPSIS
use Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy; my $module = Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy->new( # One or more of the following criteria: match_sender => qr/$/, match_recipients => qr/$/, match_authenticated_user => 'my-smtp-user-name', # One or several copy recipients: copy_recipients => [ '', '', ], # Send a copy to the sender? (always/never/indifferent) copy_to_sender => TRUE, # TRUE/FALSE/undef ) my $filter = Courier::Filter->new( ... modules => [ $module ], ... ); DESCRIPTION
This class is a filter module for use with Courier::Filter. If a message matches a given set of criteria, a blind carbon copy of the message is sent to a configured list of additional recipients by adding them to the message's control file. This module never matches. Constructor The following constructor is provided: new(%options): returns Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy Creates a new SendCopy filter module. %options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options: match_sender A pattern matched against the message's envelope sender. If not specified, any sender qualifies. match_recipients A pattern matched against all of the message's envelope recipients. Any of the envelope recipients may match. If no pattern is specified, any recipient qualifies. match_authenticated_user A pattern matched against the user name that was used for authentication during submission of the message. If no pattern is specified, any user or none at all qualifies. If a pattern is specified and no authentication took place during submission of the message, the message does not qualify. copy_recipients One or several addresses a copy of every matching message is sent to in addition to the original recipients. A single address can be specified as a simple scalar; a list of several addresses must be specified as an array reference. Any address matching exactly one of the original recipient addresses is skipped. copy_to_sender Specifies whether a copy of the message should be sent to its envelope sender. If false, no message is ever sent back in copy to its sender, even if the sender is included in the "copy_recipients" list. If true, the sender is always sent a copy of the message. If undef (the default), the sender must be included in the "copy_recipients" list to receive a copy of the message. Patterns may either be simple strings (for exact, case-sensitive matches) or regular expression objects created by the "qr//" operator (for partial matches). All options of the Courier::Filter::Module constructor are also supported. Please see "new" in Courier::Filter::Module for their descriptions. Instance methods See "Instance methods" in Courier::Filter::Module for a description of the provided instance methods. SEE ALSO
Courier::Filter::Module, Courier::Filter::Overview. For AVAILABILITY, SUPPORT and LICENSE information, see Courier::Filter::Overview. AUTHOR
Michael Buschbeck <> perl v5.14.2 2011-12-27 Courier::Filter::Module::SendCopy(3pm)

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Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle(3pm)

Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle - I/O handle logger for the Courier::Filter framework SYNOPSIS
use Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle; my $logger = Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle->new( handle => $handle ); # For use in an individual filter module: my $module = Courier::Filter::Module::My->new( ... logger => $logger, ... ); # For use as a global Courier::Filter logger object: my $filter = Courier::Filter->new( ... logger => $logger, ... ); DESCRIPTION
This class is an I/O handle logger class for use with Courier::Filter and its filter modules. Constructor The following constructor is provided: new(%options): returns Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle Creates a new logger that logs messages as lines to an I/O handle. %options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options: handle Required. The I/O handle or IO::Handle object to which log messages should be written. timestamp A boolean value controlling whether every log message line should be prefixed with a timestamp (in local time, in ISO format). Defaults to false. Instance methods The following instance methods are provided: log_error($text): throws Perl exceptions Logs the error message given as $text (a string which may contain newlines). Prefixes each line with a timestamp if the "timestamp" option has been set through the constructor. log_rejected_message($message, $reason): throws Perl exceptions Logs the Courier::Message given as $message as having been rejected due to $reason (a string which may contain newlines). SEE ALSO
Courier::Filter::Logger, Courier::Filter::Overview. For AVAILABILITY, SUPPORT, and LICENSE information, see Courier::Filter::Overview. AUTHOR
Julian Mehnle <> perl v5.14.2 2011-12-27 Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle(3pm)
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