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Test::Pod::Content(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   Test::Pod::Content(3pm)

Test::Pod::Content - Test a Pod's content SYNOPSIS
use Test::Pod::Content tests => 3; pod_section_is 'Test::Pod::Content' , 'NAME', "Test::Pod::Content - Test a Pod's content", 'NAME section'; pod_section_like 'Test/Pod/', 'SYNOPSIS', qr{ use s Test::Pod::Content; }xm, 'SYNOPSIS section'; pod_section_like 'Test/Pod/', 'DESCRIPTION', qr{ Test::Pod::Content s provides s the }xm, 'DESCRIPTION section'; DESCRIPTION
This is a very simple module for testing a Pod's content. It is mainly intended for testing the content of generated Pod - that is, the Pod included in perl modules generated by some mechanism. Another usage example is to test whether all files contain the same copyright notice: plan tests => scalar @filelist; for my $file (sort @filelist) { pod_section_like( $file, 'LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT', qr{ This s library s is s free s software. s You s may s distribute/modify s it s under s the s same s terms s as s perl s itself }xms, "$file License notice"); } See the files in the t/ directory for live examples. Test::Pod::Content has a very simple concept of Pods: To Test::Pod::Content, a Pod is separated into section. Each section starts with a =head(1|2|3|4) directive, and ends with the next =head, or with the end of the document (=cut). This is a very drastic simplification of Pod's document object model, and only allows for coarse-grained tests. Test::Pod::Content provides the following subroutines for testing a Pod's content: SUBROUTINES
/METHODS pod_section_is pod_section_is $file, $section, $content, $comment; Tests whether a Pod section contains exactly the text given. Most useful for testing the NAME section. You probably want to use pod_section_like for all other sections. $file may either be a filename (including path) or a module name. Test::Pod::Content will search in @INC for the file/module given. pod_section_like pod_section_like $file, $section, qr{ use s Test::Pod::Contents }xm, $comment; Tests whether the text in a Pod section matches the given regex. Be sure to include the m / s regex qualifier if you expect your Pod section to span multiple lines. $file may either be a filename (including path) or a module name. Test::Pod::Content will search in @INC for the file/module given. BUGS AND LIMITATIONS
o Performance Every call to a pod_section_* method searches for the file in question in @INC and parses it from its start. This means that every test requires a Pod parser run, which is quite inefficient if you conduct a big number of tests. o Pod Syntax Test::Pod::Coverage may report wrong test results if your pod is not syntactically correct. You should use Test::Pod to check your Pod's syntax. DEPENDENCIES
Test::More Pod::Simple version INCOMPATIBILITIES
None known SEE ALSO
Test::Pod for testing your POD's validity Test::Pod::Coverage for checking wether your pod is complete Pod::Tests, Test::Pod::Snippets and Pod::Snippets for extracting and executing tests from a POD (If you plan doing so, here's a little brain-train: Which of the tests in this module's "SYNOPSIS" section would fail if you extracted and executed it?). LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007 Martin Kutter. This library is free software. You may distribute/modify it under the same terms as perl itself AUTHOR
Martin Kutter <martin.kutter> REPOSITORY INFORMATION
$Id: 505 2008-06-22 09:54:54Z kutterma $ $Revision: 505 $ $Source: a $ $Date: 2008-06-22 11:54:54 +0200 (So, 22 Jun 2008) $ $HeadURL: $ perl v5.12.4 2011-11-09 Test::Pod::Content(3pm)
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