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graph::writer::graphviz(3pm) [debian man page]

Graph::Writer::GraphViz(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			      Graph::Writer::GraphViz(3pm)

Graph::Writer::GraphViz - GraphViz Writer for Graph object SYNOPSIS
my @v = qw/Alice Bob Crude Dr/; my $g = Graph->new(@v); my $wr = Graph::Writer::GraphViz->new(-format => 'dot'); $wr->write_graph($g,'/tmp/'); my $wr_png = Graph::Writer::GraphViz->new(-format => 'png'); $wr_png->write_graph($g,'/tmp/graph.simple.png'); Graph::Writer::GraphViz->new( -format => 'png', -layout => 'twopi', -ranksep => 1.5, -fontsize => 8 -edge_color => 'grey', -node_color => 'black', )->write_graph($g,'/tmp/graph.png'); DESCRIPTION
Graph::Writer::GraphViz is a class for writing out a Graph object with GraphViz module. All GraphViz formats should be supported without a problem. METHODS
new() Unlike other Graph::Writer modules, this module provide an extra parameter '-format' to new() method, in order to save different format. Other supported GraphViz parameters are -layout, -ranksep, -shape, -fontsize, -arrowsize. Please see the SYNOPSIS for example usage. Valid format depends on those GraphViz as_fmt methods on your system, like, 'gif' if you have 'as_gif', 'text' if you can do 'as_text'. SEE ALSO
Graph, Graph::Writer, GraphViz CREDITS
Thanks for for noticing tests failure on different platforms. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2004 by Kang-min Liu <>. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See <> perl v5.12.4 2011-10-16 Graph::Writer::GraphViz(3pm)

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Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			  Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(3pm)

Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz - Interface between PhyloNetwork and GraphViz SYNOPSIS
use Bio::PhyloNetwork; use Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz; my $net=Bio::PhyloNetwork->new( -eNewick=>'((H1,(H1,(H2,l))),H2)t0; (some long label)H1; ("quoted label")H2;' ); my $gv=Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz->new(-net=>$net,-short_labels=>1); foreach my $u ($net->nodes()) { print "$u:".$gv->nodePN_to_nodeGV->{$u}." "; } print $gv->as_text; open PS, ">"; print PS $gv->as_ps; close PS; DESCRIPTION
This is a module to create GraphViz objects representing phylogenetic networks. AUTHOR
Gabriel Cardona, gabriel(dot)cardona(at)uib(dot)es SEE ALSO
Bio::PhyloNetwork, GraphViz APPENDIX
The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. new Title : new Usage : my $graphv = new Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(); Function: Creates a new Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz object Returns : Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz Args : -net => Bio::PhyloNetwork object -short_labels => boolean (optional) Returns a Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz object, which is an extension of a GraphViz object. The GraphViz object is a representation of the phylogenetic network given. The extra information the created object holds is a hash table with keys the nodes of the PhyloNetwork object and values the nodes of the GraphViz object. If the optional argument -short_labels=>1 is given, the labels of the nodes in GraphViz are shortened to a maximum of 3 letters. nodePN_to_nodeGV Title : nodePN_to_nodeGV Usage : my $hashR=$graphv->nodePN_to_nodeGV() Function: returns (a reference to) a hash holding the translation between nodes of the Bio::PhyloNetwork object and nodes of the GraphViz object Returns : reference to hash Args : none perl v5.14.2 2012-03-02 Bio::PhyloNetwork::GraphViz(3pm)
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