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gstreamer::clock(3pm) [debian man page]

GStreamer::Clock(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     GStreamer::Clock(3pm)

GStreamer::Clock - Abstract class for global clocks HIERARCHY
Glib::Object +----GStreamer::Object +----GStreamer::Clock METHODS
clockid = $clock->new_periodic_id ($start_time, $interval) o $start_time (unsigned integer) o $interval (unsigned integer) clockid = $clock->new_single_shot_id ($time) o $time (unsigned integer) list = $clock->add_observation ($slave, $master) o $slave (unsigned integer) o $master (unsigned integer) unsigned integer = $clock->adjust_unlocked ($internal) o $internal (unsigned integer) (internal, external, rate_num, rate_denom) = $clock->get_calibration $clock->set_calibration ($internal, $external, $rate_num, $rate_denom) o $internal (unsigned integer) o $external (unsigned integer) o $rate_num (unsigned integer) o $rate_denom (unsigned integer) unsigned integer = $clock->get_internal_time clock or undef = $clock->get_master boolean = $clock->set_master ($master) o $master (GStreamer::Clock) 64 bit unsigned = $clock->get_resolution 64 bit unsigned = $clock->set_resolution ($resolution) o $resolution (64 bit unsigned) unsigned integer = $clock->get_time PROPERTIES
'stats' (boolean : default false : readable / writable / private) Enable clock stats (unimplemented) 'timeout' (Glib::UInt64 : default 100000000 : readable / writable / private) The amount of time, in nanoseconds, to sample master and slave clocks 'window-size' (integer : default 32 : readable / writable / private) The size of the window used to calculate rate and offset 'window-threshold' (integer : default 4 : readable / writable / private) The threshold to start calculating rate and offset SEE ALSO
GStreamer, Glib::Object, GStreamer::Object COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 by the gtk2-perl team. This software is licensed under the LGPL. See GStreamer for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-01 GStreamer::Clock(3pm)

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GStreamer::ChildProxy(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				GStreamer::ChildProxy(3pm)

GStreamer::ChildProxy - Interface for multi child elements. DESCRIPTION
To avoid a name clash with Glib::Object::get, gst_child_proxy_get and gst_child_proxy_set are bound as GStreamer::ChildProxy::get_child_property and GStreamer::ChildProxy::set_child_property respectively. HIERARCHY
Glib::Interface +----GStreamer::ChildProxy METHODS
$object->child_added ($child) o $child (GStreamer::Object) object or undef = $parent->get_child_by_index ($index) o $index (integer) object or undef = $parent->get_child_by_name ($name) o $name (string) list = $object->get_child_property ($property, ...) o $property (string) o ... (list) $object->set_child_property ($property, $value, ...) o $property (string) o $value (scalar) o ... (list) $object->child_removed ($child) o $child (GStreamer::Object) integer = $parent->get_children_count SIGNALS
child-added (GStreamer::ChildProxy, Glib::Object) child-removed (GStreamer::ChildProxy, Glib::Object) SEE ALSO
GStreamer, Glib::Interface COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 by the gtk2-perl team. This software is licensed under the LGPL. See GStreamer for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-01 GStreamer::ChildProxy(3pm)

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