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finance::quote::yahoo::nz(3pm) [debian man page]

Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ(3pm)

Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ - Fetch nzn stock quotes via Yahoo. SYNOPSIS
use Finance::Quote; my $q = Finance::Quote->new; my %info = $q->fetch("yahoo_nz","DPC"); # Use this module only. my %info = $q->fetch("nz","DPC"); # Failover with other methods. DESCRIPTION
This module allows information to be fetched from Yahoo about stocks traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Information about indexes is not available through this module. This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object, although it can be explicitly loaded by passing the argument "Yahoo::nz" to Finance::Quote->new(). This module provides only the "yahoo_nz" fetch methods. The author ( will write a module to access the NZX site if asked nicely. Information obtained via this module is governed by Yahoo's terms and conditions, see for more details. LABELS RETURNED
This module returns all the standard labels (where available) provided by Yahoo, as well as the currency label. See Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base for more information. SEE ALSO
Yahoo Australia, Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base perl v5.14.2 2014-03-03 Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ(3pm)

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Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA(3pm)

Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA - Obtain information about stocks and funds in the USA and Canada. SYNOPSIS
use Finance::Quote; $q = Finance::Quote->new; %info = $q->fetch("usa","SGI"); DESCRIPTION
This method provides access to financial information from a number of exhcanges in the United States and Canada. The following methods are available: canada usa yahoo nyse nasdaq vanguard fidelity These methods all use the same information source, and hence can be considered somewhat interchangable. However, the method "yahoo" should be passed to fetch if you wish to obtain information from any source that Yahoo tracks. This method is loaded by default by Finance::Quote, although it can be explicitly loaded by passing the argument "Yahoo::USA" to Finance::Quote->new(). Information returned by this module may be subject to Yahoo's terms and conditions. See for more information. LABELS RETURNED
This module returns all the standard labels that Yahoo provides, as well as the currency label. See Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base for more information. BUGS
Yahoo does not make a distinction between the various exchanges in the United States and Canada. For example, it is possible to request a stock using the "NYSE" method and still obtain data even if that stock does not exist on the NYSE but exists on a different exchange. SEE ALSO
Yahoo Finance, Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base perl v5.14.2 2014-03-03 Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA(3pm)
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