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config::model::backend::shellvar(3pm) [debian man page]

Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		     Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar(3pm)

Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar - Read and write config as a "SHELLVAR" data structure VERSION
version 2.021 SYNOPSIS
use Config::Model; use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy); Log::Log4perl->easy_init($WARN); my $model = Config::Model->new; $model->create_config_class ( name => "MyClass", element => [ [qw/foo bar/] => {qw/type leaf value_type string/} ], read_config => [ { backend => 'ShellVar', config_dir => '/tmp', file => 'foo.conf', auto_create => 1, } ], ); my $inst = $model->instance(root_class_name => 'MyClass' ); my $root = $inst->config_root ; $root->load('foo=FOO1 bar=BAR1' ); $inst->write_back ; File "foo.conf" now contains: ## This file was written by Config::Model ## You may modify the content of this file. Configuration ## modifications will be preserved. Modifications in ## comments may be mangled. ## foo="FOO1" bar="BAR1" DESCRIPTION
This module is used directly by Config::Model to read or write the content of a configuration tree written with "SHELLVAR" syntax in "Config::Model" configuration tree. Note that undefined values are skipped for list element. I.e. if a list element contains "('a',undef,'b')", the data structure will contain 'a','b'. CONSTRUCTOR
new ( node => $node_obj, name => 'shellvar' ) ; Inherited from Config::Model::Backend::Any. The constructor will be called by Config::Model::AutoRead. read ( io_handle => ... ) Of all parameters passed to this read call-back, only "io_handle" is used. This parameter must be IO::File object already opened for read. It can also be undef. In this case, "read()" will return 0. When a file is read, "read()" will return 1. write ( io_handle => ... ) Of all parameters passed to this write call-back, only "io_handle" is used. This parameter must be IO::File object already opened for write. "write()" will return 1. AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont, (ddumont at cpan dot org) SEE ALSO
Config::Model, Config::Model::AutoRead, Config::Model::Backend::Any, perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::Backend::ShellVar(3pm)

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Config::Model::Annotation(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Config::Model::Annotation(3pm)

Config::Model::Annotation - Read and write configuration annotations VERSION
version 2.021 SYNOPSIS
use Config::Model ; use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy) ; Log::Log4perl->easy_init($WARN); # define configuration tree object my $model = Config::Model->new ; $model ->create_config_class ( name => "MyClass", element => [ [qw/foo bar/] => { type => 'leaf', value_type => 'string' }, baz => { type => 'hash', index_type => 'string' , cargo => { type => 'leaf', value_type => 'string', }, }, ], ) ; my $inst = $model->instance(root_class_name => 'MyClass' ); my $root = $inst->config_root ; # put some data in config tree the hard way $root->fetch_element('foo')->store('yada') ; $root->fetch_element('baz')->fetch_with_id('en')->store('hello') ; # put annotation the hard way $root->fetch_element('foo')->annotation('english') ; $root->fetch_element('baz')->fetch_with_id('en')->annotation('also english') ; # put more data the easy way my $step = 'baz:fr=bonjour#french baz:hr="dobar dan"#croatian'; $root->load( step => $step ) ; # dump resulting tree with annotations print $root->dump_tree; # save annotations my $annotate_saver = Config::Model::Annotation -> new ( config_class_name => 'MyClass', instance => $inst , root_dir => '/tmp/', # for test ) ; $annotate_saver->save ; # now check content of /tmp/config-model/ DESCRIPTION
This module provides an object that read and write annotations (a bit like comments) to and from a configuration tree and save them in a file (not configuration file) Depending on the effective id of the process, the annotation will be saved in: o "/var/lib/config-model/<model_name>-note.yml" for root (EUID == 0) o "~/.config-model/<model_name>-note.yml" for normal user (EUID > 0) CONSTRUCTOR
Quite standard. The constructor is passed a Config::Model::Instance object. METHODS
save() Save annotations in a file (See DESCRIPTION) load() Loads annotations from a file (See DESCRIPTION) AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont, (ddumont at cpan dot org) SEE ALSO
Config::Model, Config::Model::Node, Config::Model::Loader, Config::Model::Searcher, Config::Model::Value, perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::Annotation(3pm)
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