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CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3pm)

CSS::DOM::Rule::Media - CSS @media rule class for CSS::DOM VERSION
Version 0.14 SYNOPSIS
use CSS::DOM; my $media_rule = CSS::DOM->parse( '@media print { body { background: none } }' )->cssRules->[0]; # OR: use CSS::DOM::Rule::Media; my $media_rule = new CSS::DOM::Rule::Media $parent; push @{$media_rule->media}, 'print'; $media_rule->insertRule('body { background: none }') DESCRIPTION
This module implements CSS @media rules for CSS::DOM. It inherits from CSS::DOM::Rule and implements the CSSMediaRule DOM interface. METHODS
media Returns the MediaList associated with the @media rule (or a plain list in list context). This defaults to an empty list. You can pass a comma-delimited string to the MediaList's "mediaText" method to set it. cssRules In scalar context, this returns a CSS::DOM::RuleList object (simply a blessed array reference) of CSS::DOM::Rule objects. In list context it returns a list. insertRule ( $css_code, $index ) Parses the rule contained in the $css_code, inserting it the @media rule's list of subrules at the given $index. deleteRule ( $index ) Deletes the rule at the given $index. SEE ALSO
CSS::DOM CSS::DOM::Rule CSS::DOM::MediaList perl v5.10.1 2010-12-10 CSS::DOM::Rule::Media(3pm)

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CSS::DOM::Rule(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       CSS::DOM::Rule(3pm)

CSS::DOM::Rule - CSS rule class for CSS::DOM VERSION
Version 0.14 SYNOPSIS
use CSS::DOM::Rule ':all'; # import constants use CSS::DOM; $sheet = new CSS::DOM; $sheet->insertRule('bla blah blah {}'); $rule = $sheet->cssRules->[0]; $rule->type; # STYLE_RULE $rule->cssText; # 'bla blah blah {}' or similar $rule->cssText('p { margin: 0 }'); # replace it $rule->parentStyleSheet; # $sheet DESCRIPTION
This module provides the CSS rule class for CSS::DOM. It implements the CSSRule and CSSUnknownRule DOM interfaces. METHODS
Constructor Only call the constructor on this class to create an 'unknown' rule. You have to call the constructor on a particular subclass to get another type. Normally you do not need to call this directly anyway. (See CSS::DOM's "parse" and "insertRule" methods.) But just in case you do want to call it, here it is: new CSS::DOM::Rule $parent; # unknown rule require CSS::DOM::Rule::Style new CSS::DOM::Rule::Style $parent; # etc. $parent is the parent rule, if the rule is nested, or the parent style sheet otherwise. Object Methods type Returns one of the constants below indicating the type of rule. cssText Returns this rule's CSS code. If you pass an argument, it will be parsed as the new CSS code for this rule (replacing the existing data), and the old value will be returned. This method will die if the replacement CSS code creates a different type of rule. parentStyleSheet This returns the style sheet to which the rule belongs. parentRule This returns the rule's parent rule, if there is one, or an empty list otherwise. There is only a parent rule if this one is nested, e.g., inside a media rule. EXPORTS
The following constants that indicate the type of rule will be exported on request (individually or with the ':all' tag): UNKNOWN_RULE STYLE_RULE CHARSET_RULE IMPORT_RULE MEDIA_RULE FONT_FACE_RULE PAGE_RULE SEE ALSO
CSS::DOM CSS::DOM::Rule::Style CSS::DOM::Rule::Media CSS::DOM::Rule::Page CSS::DOM::Rule::Import perl v5.10.1 2010-12-10 CSS::DOM::Rule(3pm)
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