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cam::pdf::decrypt(3pm) [debian man page]

CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm)

CAM::PDF::Decrypt - PDF security helper LICENSE
use CAM::PDF; my $pdf = CAM::PDF->new($filename); DESCRIPTION
This class is used invisibly by CAM::PDF whenever it detects that a document is encrypted. See new(), getPrefs() and setPrefs() in that module. FUNCTIONS
$pkg->new($pdf, $ownerpass, $userpass, $prompt) Create and validate a new decryption object. If this fails, it will set $CAM::PDF::errstr and return undef. $prompt is a boolean that says whether the user should be prompted for a password on the command line. $self->decode_permissions($field) Given a binary encoded permissions string from a PDF document, return the four individual boolean fields as an array: print boolean modify boolean copy boolean add boolean $self->encode_permissions($print, $modify, $copy, $add) Given four booleans, pack them into a single field in the PDF style that decode_permissions can understand. Returns that scalar. $self->set_passwords($doc, $ownerpass, $userpass) $self->set_passwords($doc, $ownerpass, $userpass, $permissions) Change the PDF passwords to the specified values. When the PDF is output, it will be encrypted with the new passwords. PERMISSIONS is an optional scalar of the form that decode_permissions can understand. If not specified, the existing values will be retained. Note: we only support writing using encryption version 1, even though we can read encryption version 2 as well. $self->encrypt($doc, $string) Encrypt the scalar using the passwords previously specified. $self->decrypt($doc, $string) Decrypt the scalar using the passwords previously specified. AUTHOR
See CAM::PDF perl v5.14.2 2012-07-08 CAM::PDF::Decrypt(3pm)

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PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			  PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page(3pm)

PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page - Represents a PDF page, inherits from PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Pages DESCRIPTION
Represents a page of output in PDF. It also keeps track of the content stream, any resources (such as fonts) being switched, etc. Page inherits from Pages due to a number of shared methods. They are really structurally quite different. INSTANCE VARIABLES
A page has various working variables: curstrm The currently open stream METHODS
PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page->new($pdf, $parent, $index) Creates a new page based on a pages object (perhaps the root object). The page is also added to the parent at this point, so pages are ordered in a PDF document in the order in which they are created rather than in the order they are closed. Only the essential elements in the page dictionary are created here, all others are either optional or can be inherited. The optional index value indicates the index in the parent list that this page should be inserted (so that new pages need not be appended) $p->add($str) Adds the string to the currently active stream for this page. If no stream exists, then one is created and added to the list of streams for this page. The slightly cryptic name is an aim to keep it short given the number of times people are likely to have to type it. $p->ship_out($pdf) Ships the page out to the given output file context perl v5.14.2 2011-03-10 PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Page(3pm)
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