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hdate_struct(3) [debian man page]

hdate_struct(3) 						libhdate C language						   hdate_struct(3)

hdate_struct - libhdate Hebrew date struct SYNOPSIS
#include <hdate.h> Data Fields int hd_day int hd_mon int hd_year int gd_day int gd_mon int gd_year int hd_dw int hd_size_of_year int hd_new_year_dw int hd_year_type int hd_jd int hd_days int hd_weeks Detailed Description libhdate Hebrew date struct Field Documentation int hdate_struct::hd_day The number of day in the hebrew month (1..31). int hdate_struct::hd_mon The number of the hebrew month 1..14 (1 - tishre, 13 - adar 1, 14 - adar 2). int hdate_struct::hd_year The number of the hebrew year. int hdate_struct::gd_day The number of the day in the month. (1..31) int hdate_struct::gd_mon The number of the month 1..12 (1 - jan). int hdate_struct::gd_year The number of the year. int hdate_struct::hd_dw The day of the week 1..7 (1 - sunday). int hdate_struct::hd_size_of_year The length of the year in days. int hdate_struct::hd_new_year_dw The week day of Hebrew new year. int hdate_struct::hd_year_type The number type of year. int hdate_struct::hd_jd The Julian day number int hdate_struct::hd_days The number of days passed since 1 tishrey int hdate_struct::hd_weeks The number of weeks passed since 1 tishrey Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libhdate C language from the source code. Version 1.4 Sun Jan 8 2012 hdate_struct(3)

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CAL_FROM_JD(3)								 1							    CAL_FROM_JD(3)

cal_from_jd - Converts from Julian Day Count to a supported calendar

array cal_from_jd (int $jd, int $calendar) DESCRIPTION
cal_from_jd(3) converts the Julian day given in $jd into a date of the specified $calendar. Supported $calendar values are CAL_GREGORIAN, CAL_JULIAN, CAL_JEWISH and CAL_FRENCH. PARAMETERS
o $jd - Julian day as integer o $calendar - Calendar to convert to RETURN VALUES
Returns an array containing calendar information like month, day, year, day of week, abbreviated and full names of weekday and month and the date in string form "month/day/year". EXAMPLES
Example #1 cal_from_jd(3) example <?php $today = unixtojd(mktime(0, 0, 0, 8, 16, 2003)); print_r(cal_from_jd($today, CAL_GREGORIAN)); ?> The above example will output: Array ( [date] => 8/16/2003 [month] => 8 [day] => 16 [year] => 2003 [dow] => 6 [abbrevdayname] => Sat [dayname] => Saturday [abbrevmonth] => Aug [monthname] => August ) SEE ALSO
cal_to_jd(3), jdtofrench(3), jdtogregorian(3), jdtojewish(3), jdtojulian(3), jdtounix(3). PHP Documentation Group CAL_FROM_JD(3)
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