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fribidi_mirroring_status(3) [debian man page]

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fribidi_shape(3)						Programmer's Manual						  fribidi_shape(3)

fribidi_shape - do bidi-aware shaping SYNOPSIS
#include <fribidi.h> void fribidi_shape ( FriBidiFlags flags, const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels, const FriBidiStrIndex len, FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props, FriBidiChar *str ); PARAMETERS
FriBidiFlags flags Shaping flags. const FriBidiLevel *embedding_levels Input list of embedding levels, as returned by fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels. const FriBidiStrIndex len Input string length. FriBidiArabicProp *ar_props Input/output Arabic properties as computed by fribidi_join_arabic. FriBidiChar *str String to shape. DESCRIPTION
This function does all shaping work that depends on the resolved embedding levels of the characters. Currently it does mirroring and Ara- bic shaping, but the list may grow in the future. This function is a wrapper around fribidi_shape_mirroring and fribidi_shape_arabic. The flags parameter specifies which shapings are applied. The only flags affecting the functionality of this function are those beginning with FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_. Of these, only FRIBIDI_FLAG_SHAPE_MIRRORING is on in FRIBIDI_FLAGS_DEFAULT. For details of the Arabic-specific flags see fribidi_shape_arabic. If ar_props is NULL, no Arabic shaping is performed. Feel free to do your own shaping before or after calling this function, but you should take care of embedding levels yourself then. SEE ALSO
fribidi_charset_to_unicode(3), fribidi_unicode_to_charset(3), fribidi_parse_charset(3), fribidi_shape_arabic(3), fribidi_get_par_direc- tion(3), fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels(3), fribidi_reorder_line(3), fribidi_get_bidi_type(3), fribidi_get_bidi_types(3), fribidi_get_bidi_type_name(3), fribidi_debug_status(3), fribidi_mirroring_status(3), fribidi_set_mirroring(3), fribidi_reorder_nsm_sta- tus(3), fribidi_set_reorder_nsm(3), fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels(3), fribidi_get_type(3), fribidi_get_type_internal(3), fribidi_remove_bidi_marks(3), fribidi_log2vis(3), fribidi_join_arabic(3), fribidi_get_joining_type(3), fribidi_get_joining_types(3), fribidi_get_joining_type_name(3), fribidi_get_mirror_char(3), fribidi_shape_mirroring(3) GNU FriBidi 0.19.2 30 January 2006 fribidi_shape(3)

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