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aa_autoinit(3)						     Library Functions Manual						    aa_autoinit(3)

aa_autoinit - easy to use AA-lib initialization function. SYNOPSIS
#include <aalib.h> aa_context *aa_autoinit(const struct aa_hardware_params *params); PARAMETERS
const struct aa_hardware_params *params Hardware parameters you want. Use aa_defparams for default values. DESCRIPTION
Attempts to find available output driver supporting the specified parameters. First attempts to initialize the recommended drivers and then in order drivers available in the aa_drivers array (all regular output drivers compiled into AA-lib). RETURNS
Pointer to initialized context structure when succesfull or NULL on failure. SEE ALSO
save_d(3), mem_d(3), aa_help(3), aa_formats(3), aa_fonts(3), aa_dithernames(3), aa_drivers(3), aa_kbddrivers(3), aa_mousedrivers(3), aa_kbdrecommended(3), aa_mouserecommended(3), aa_displayrecommended(3), aa_defparams(3), aa_defrenderparams(3), aa_scrwidth(3), aa_scrheight(3), aa_mmwidth(3), aa_mmheight(3), aa_imgwidth(3), aa_imgheight(3), aa_image(3), aa_text(3), aa_attrs(3), aa_currentfont(3), aa_autoinitkbd(3), aa_autoinitmouse(3), aa_recommendhi(3), aa_recommendlow(3), aa_init(3), aa_initkbd(3), aa_initmouse(3), aa_close(3), aa_uninitkbd(3), aa_uninitmouse(3), aa_fastrender(3), aa_render(3), aa_puts(3), aa_printf(3), aa_gotoxy(3), aa_hidecursor(3), aa_showcur- sor(3), aa_getmouse(3), aa_hidemouse(3), aa_showmouse(3), aa_registerfont(3), aa_setsupported(3), aa_setfont(3), aa_getevent(3), aa_getkey(3), aa_resize(3), aa_resizehandler(3), aa_parseoptions(3), aa_edit(3), aa_createedit(3), aa_editkey(3), aa_putpixel(3), aa_recom- mendhikbd(3), aa_recommendlowkbd(3), aa_recommendhimouse(3), aa_recommendlowmouse(3), aa_recommendhidisplay(3), aa_recommendlowdisplay(3) c2man aalib.h 8 September 1999 aa_autoinit(3)
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