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xkbgetautoresetcontrols(3) [debian man page]

XkbGetAutoResetControls(3)					   XKB FUNCTIONS					XkbGetAutoResetControls(3)

XkbGetAutoResetControls - Gets the current values of the auto-reset controls SYNOPSIS
Bool XkbGetAutoResetControls (Display *dpy, unsigned int *auto_ctrls, unsigned int *auto_values); ARGUMENTS
- dpy connection to X server - auto_ctrls specifies which bits in auto_values are relevant - auto_values 1 bit => corresponding control has auto-reset on DESCRIPTION
You can configure the boolean controls to automatically be enabled or disabled when a program exits. This capability is controlled via two masks maintained in the X server on a per-client basis. There is no client-side Xkb data structure corresponding to these masks. Whenever the client exits for any reason, any boolean controls specified in the auto-reset mask are set to the corresponding value from the auto- reset values mask. This makes it possible for clients to "clean up after themselves" automatically, even if abnormally terminated. The bits used in the masks correspond to the EnabledControls control bits. For example, a client that replaces the keyboard bell with some other audible cue might want to turn off the AudibleBell control to prevent the server from also generating a sound and avoid cacophony. If the client were to exit without resetting the AudibleBell control, the user would be left without any feedback at all. Setting AudibleBell in both the auto-reset mask and auto-reset values guarantees that the audi- ble bell will be turned back on when the client exits. XkbGetAutoResetControls backfills auto_ctrls and auto_values with the AutoReset control attributes for this particular client. It returns True if successful, and False otherwise. RETURN VALUES
True The XkbGetAutoResetControls function returns True when it successfully backfills auto_ctrls and auto_values with the AutoRe- set control attributes for this particular client. False The XkbGetAutoResetControls function returns False when it does not successfully backfill auto_ctrls and auto_values with the AutoReset control attributes for this particular client. X Version 11 libX11 1.5.0 XkbGetAutoResetControls(3)

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XkbGetAutoRepeatRate(3) 					   XKB FUNCTIONS					   XkbGetAutoRepeatRate(3)

XkbGetAutoRepeatRate - Gets the current attributes of the RepeatKeys control for a keyboard device SYNOPSIS
Bool XkbGetAutoRepeatRate (Display *display, unsigned int device_spec, unsigned int *timeout_rtrn, unsigned int *interval_rtrn); ARGUMENTS
- display connection to X server - device_spec desired device ID, or XkbUseCoreKbd - timeout_rtrn backfilled with initial repeat delay, ms - interval_rtrn backfilled with subsequent repeat delay, ms DESCRIPTION
The core protocol allows only control over whether or not the entire keyboard or individual keys should auto-repeat when held down. RepeatKeys is a boolean control that extends this capability by adding control over the delay until a key begins to repeat and the rate at which it repeats. RepeatKeys is coupled with the core auto-repeat control: when RepeatKeys is enabled or disabled, the core auto-repeat is enabled or disabled and vice versa. Auto-repeating keys are controlled by two attributes. The first, timeout, is the delay after the initial press of an auto-repeating key and the first generated repeat event. The second, interval, is the delay between all subsequent generated repeat events. As with all boolean controls, configuring the attributes that determine how the control operates does not automatically enable the control as a whole. XkbGetAutoRepeatRate queries the server for the current values of the RepeatControls control attributes, backfills timeout_rtrn and inter- val_rtrn with them, and returns True. If a compatible version of the Xkb extension is not available in the server XkbGetAutoRepeatRate returns False. RETURN VALUES
True The XkbGetAutoRepeatRate function returns True if a compatible version of the Xkb extension is available in the server. False The XkbGetAutoRepeatRate function returns False if a compatible version of the Xkb extension is not available in the server. X Version 11 libX11 1.6.0 XkbGetAutoRepeatRate(3)
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