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aumakeelementexportclient(3) [debian man page]

AuMakeElementExportClient(3)				     Library Functions Manual				      AuMakeElementExportClient(3)

       AuMakeElementExportClient - initialize an ExportClient element

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       AuMakeElementExportClient(element, input, sample_rate, format, num_tracks, discard, max_samples, high_water_mark, num_actions, actions)
	   AuElement *element; /* RETURN */
	   unsigned short input;
	   unsigned short sample_rate;
	   unsigned char format;
	   unsigned char num_tracks;
	   unsigned char discard;
	   AuUint32 max_samples;
	   AuUint32 high_water_mark;
	   int num_actions;
	   AuElementAction *actions;

       element	 Returns the initialized element.

       input	 Specifies the index of the element to supply the audio data to this element.

		 Specifies the sample rate of the audio data.

       format	 Specifies  the  format  of the audio data.  Currently, the following formats are defined: AuFormatULAW8, AuFormatLinearUnsigned8,
		 AuFormatLinearSigned8, AuFormatLinearSigned16MSB, AuFormatLinearUnsigned16MSB, AuFormatSignedLinear16LSB,  and  AuFormatLinearUn-

		 Specifies the number of tracks in the audio data.

       discard	 Specifies if the flow should pause initially.	Normally AuTrue.

		 Specifies the maximum number of samples to send to the client in a single write.  Ignored for "trivial" flows.

		 Specifies  when to tell the client application to read the audio data from the server.  When this number of samples is reached in
		 the buffer, an ElementNotify event with kind set to AuElementNotifyKindHighWater will be sent to the client application.

		 Specifies the number of actions in actions.

       actions	 Specifies the list of actions to associate with this element.	Entries in this list can be initialized with  AuMakeChangeStateAc-
		 tion, AuMakeSendNotifyAction, and AuMakeNoopAction.  May be NULL.

       AuMakeElementExportClient  sets	the type member of element to AuElementTypeExportClient and initializes the exportclient member of element
       with the remaining arguments.

       AuMakeElementExportClient is implemented as a macro.

See Also
       AuElementNotifyEvent, AuMakeElementAddConstant, AuMakeElementBundle, AuMakeElementExportBucket, AuMakeElementExportDevice, AuMakeElementEx-
       portMonitor,  AuMakeElementImportBucket,  AuMakeElementImportClient, AuMakeElementImportDevice, AuMakeElementImportWaveForm, AuMakeElement-
       MultiplyConstant, AuMakeElementSum.

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

audiolib - element initialization				       1.9.3					      AuMakeElementExportClient(3)

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AuSoundRecordToFile(3)					     Library Functions Manual					    AuSoundRecordToFile(3)

       AuSoundRecordToFile - create a flow to record to a file.

       #include <audio/audiolib.h>
       #include <audio/soundlib.h>

       AuEventHandlerRec *AuSoundRecordToFile(server, filename, source, gain, callback, callback_data, mode, file_format, comment, rate, data_for-
       mat, flow, volume_mult_elem, status)
	   AuServer *server;
	   char *filename;
	   AuDeviceID source;
	   AuFixedPoint gain;
	   void (*callback) (AuServer *, AuEventHandlerRec *, AuEvent *, AuPointer);
	   AuPointer callback_data;
	   int mode;
	   int file_format;
	   char *comment;
	   AuUint32 rate;
	   int data_format;
	   AuFlowID *flow; /* RETURN */
	   int *volume_mult_elem; /* RETURN */
	   AuStatus *status; /* RETURN */

       server	 Specifies the connection to the audio server.

       filename  Specifies the name of the file to record to.

       source	 Specifies the input device to use.

       gain	 Specifies the gain for the input device.

       callback  Specifies the procedure to be called for additional event processing.

		 Specifies any additional arguments to be passed to the callback.

       mode	 Specifies the line mode for the input device.	Currently the following line modes are defined: AuDeviceInputModeNone, AuDeviceIn-
		 putModeLineIn, AuDeviceInputModeMicrophone.

		 Specifies  the  file format.  Currently, the following file formats are supported: SoundFileFormatSnd, SoundFileFormatVoc, Sound-
		 FileFormatWave, SoundFileFormatAiff, SoundFileFormatSvx.

       comment	 Specifies a comment to embedded in the file.

       rate	 Specifies the sample rate to record at.

		 Specifies the data format.  Currently, the following data formats are defined: AuFormatULAW8, AuFormatLinearUnsigned8,  AuFormat-
		 LinearSigned8,   AuFormatLinearSigned16MSB,   AuFormatLinearUnsigned16MSB,   AuFormatSignedLinear16LSB,   and	 AuFormatLinearUn-

       flow	 If non-NULL, returns the flow ID.

		 Accord to the comment in the source, not implemented.

       status	 If non-NULL, flush the output buffer and return the status from the server.

       AuSoundRecordToFile creates a flow to record from source to filename and returns a pointer to the event handler created or  NULL  if  there
       was an error.


See Also
       AuSoundRecord, AuSoundRecordToBucket, AuSoundRecordToData, AuSoundRecordToFileN.

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

soundlib							       1.9.3						    AuSoundRecordToFile(3)
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