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pgasetintegerinitrange(2) [debian man page]

PGASetIntegerInitRange(2)					      PGAPack						 PGASetIntegerInitRange(2)

PGASetIntegerInitRange - sets a flag to tell the initialization routines to set each integer-valued gene to a value chosen randomly from the interval given by an upper and lower bound. DESCRIPTION
No string initialization is done by this call. INPUT PARAMETERS
ctx - context variable min - array of lower bounds that define the interval the gene is initialized from max - array of upper bounds that define the interval the gene is initialized from OUTPUT PARAMETERS
#include "pgapack.h" void PGASetIntegerInitRange(ctx, min, max) PGAContext *ctx int *min int *max LOCATION
integer.c EXAMPLE
Set the initialization routines to select a value for gene i uniformly randomly from the interval [0,i]. Assumes all strings are of the same length. PGAContext *ctx; int *low, *high, stringlen, i; : stringlen = PGAGetStringLength(ctx); low = (int *) malloc(stringlen*sizeof(int)); high = (int *) malloc(stringlen*sizeof(int)); for(i=0;i<stringlen;i++) { low[i] = 0; high[i] = i } PGASetIntegerInitRange(ctx, low, high); 05/01/95 PGASetIntegerInitRange(2)

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PGASortPop(8)							      PGAPack							     PGASortPop(8)

PGASortPop - Creates an (internal) array of indices according to one of three criteria. DESCRIPTION
If PGA_POPREPL_BEST is used (the default) the array is sorted from most fit to least fit. If PGA_POPREPL_RANDOM_REP is used the indices in the array are selected randomly with replacement. If PGA_POPREPL_RANDOM_NOREP is used the indices in the array are selected randomly with- out replacement. The function PGASetPopReplaceType() is used to specify which strategy is used. The indices of the sorted population mem- bers may then be accessed from the internal array via PGAGetSortedPopIndex(). This routine is typically used during population replace- ment. INPUT PARAMETERS
ctx - context variable popindex - symbolic constant of the population from which to create the srted array. OUTPUT PARAMETERS
#include "pgapack.h" void PGASortPop(ctx, pop) PGAContext *ctx int pop LOCATION
Example: Copy the five best strings from the old population into the new population. The rest of the new population will be created by recombination, and is not shown. PGAContext *ctx; int i,j; : PGASetPopReplaceType(ctx,PGA_POPREPL_BEST) : PGASortPop(ctx, PGA_OLDPOP); for ( i=0; i < 5; i++) { j = PGAGetSortedPopIndex(ctx, i); PGACopyIndividual (ctx, j, PGA_OLDPOP, i, PGA_NEWPOP); : 05/01/95 PGASortPop(8)
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