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xgnokii(1x) [debian man page]

xgnokii(1x)							      gnokii							       xgnokii(1x)

xgnokii - graphical interface of the gnokii telephone toolkit SYNOPSIS
xgnokii is a fancy graphical interface for libgnokii. It uses the settings in the [global] section of the configuration file of gnokii(1). You can assume that your phone is supported, however there are rare cases that you will get very limited functionality with xgnokii. xgnokii can save contacts in vCard format (thanks to Pavel Machek <pavel at ucw dot cz>) if you add .vcard or .gcrd extension (case sensi- tive) to the file name in the export contacts dialog. gnokii is a multiple systems tool suite and (eventually) modem/fax driver for the mobile phones. gnokii at the beginning was designed to support Nokia phones. At the moment it supports most of the Nokia mobiles and also supports other phones that understand AT commands. DIAGNOSTICS
Various error messages are printed to STDERR when xdebug = on is set in gnokii config file BUGS
This man page is too short. See more details in gnokii man page. AUTHOR
Jan Derfinak is the author of the xgnokii. Hugh Blemings <hugh at blemings dot org> and Pavel Janik ml. <Pavel.Janik at suse dot cz> and Pawel Kot <gnokii at gmail dot com> are the authors of the gnokii tool suite. This manual page was written by Daniele Forsi <daniele at forsi dot it> changing the manual page written by Erik Rossen <rossen at freesurf dot ch>. See also Docs/CREDITS from the gnokii sources. COPYING
This program is distributed under the GNU Public License Version 2, or (at your option) any later version. SEE ALSO
gnokii(1), gnokiid(1) Erik Rossen, Daniele Forsi May 10, 2010 xgnokii(1x)

Check Out this Related Man Page

mgnokiidev(8)							      gnokii							     mgnokiidev(8)

mgnokiidev - links /dev/gnokii to a virtual modem SYNOPSIS
mgnokiidev /dev/pts/? DESCRIPTION
mgnokiidev is a tool from the gnokii tool suite used to create the link /dev/gnokii that points to a pseudo-tty (/dev/pts/?). It is called after gnokiid has created a virtual modem that is attached to the pty. It's operation is transparent under normal usage as gnokiid takes care of calling it when required. Since mgnokiidev must modifiy files in /dev, it must be either run as root or SUID root. The latter is the preferred method. Normally the mgnokiidev binary is chmod 4750 and owned by root.gnokii. gnokii is a Linux/Unix tool suite and (eventually) modem/fax driver for Nokia mobile phones, released under the GPL. gnokii supports most phones from the 3810/8110 and 5110/6110 series, details including bugs specific to each series appear in the files Docs/README-3810 and Docs/README-6110 respectively. DIAGNOSTICS
Various error messages are printed to STDERR. BUGS
None reported. AUTHOR
Hugh Blemings <> and Pavel Janik ml. <> are the authors of the gnokii tool suite. This manual page was written by Erik Rossen <>. See also Docs/CREDITS from the gnokii sources. COPYING
This program is distributed under the GNU Public License. SEE ALSO
gnokiid, gnokii Erik Rossen May 27, 2001 mgnokiidev(8)

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