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VDESK(1x)							   User Commands							 VDESK(1x)

vdesk - virtual desktops for any window manager SYNOPSIS
vdesk provides virtual desktops portably; it's mainly useful for lightweight window managers that do not provide the functionality natively. Change to DESKTOP; if WINDOW-ID is specified then that window is moved to the specified DESKTOP. This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. AUTHOR
Written by Adam Sampson <> REPORTING BUGS
Please report any problems to the author vdesk 1.2 April 2005 VDESK(1x)

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DESKTOP-FILE-VALIDATE(1)				      General Commands Manual					  DESKTOP-FILE-VALIDATE(1)

desktop-file-validate - Validate desktop entry files SYNOPSIS
desktop-file-validate [--no-warn-deprecated] [--warn-kde] FILE... DESCRIPTION
The desktop-file-validate program is a tool to validate desktop entry files according to the Desktop Entry specification 1.0. The specification describes a file format to provide information such as name, icon and description for an application. Such a file can then be used as an application launcher and to display the application in the applications menu. For information about the Desktop Entry specification, see The desktop entry files are commonly called desktop files. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: --no-warn-deprecated Do not warn about usage of deprecated items that were defined in previous versions of the specification. --warn-kde Warn about usage of KDE extensions to the specification. This includes the use of the KDE Desktop Entry group, of the ServiceTypes, DocPath, Keywords, InitialPreference, Dev, FSType, MountPoint, ReadOnly, UnmountIcon keys, or of the Service, ServiceType and FSDe- vice types. BUGS
If you find bugs in the desktop-file-validate program, please report these on SEE ALSO
desktop-file-edit(1) desktop-file-install(1) FREEDESKTOP.ORG DESKTOP-FILE-VALIDATE(1)
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