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STAG-GREP(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     STAG-GREP(1p)

stag-grep - filters a stag file (xml, itext, sxpr) for nodes of interest SYNOPSIS
stag-grep person -q name=fred file1.xml stag-grep person 'sub {shift->get_name =~ /^A*/}' file1.xml stag-grep -p My::Foo -w sxpr record 'sub{..}' file2 USAGE
stag-grep [-p|parser PARSER] [-w|writer WRITER] NODE -q tag=val FILE stag-grep [-p|parser PARSER] [-w|writer WRITER] NODE SUB FILE stag-grep [-p|parser PARSER] [-w|writer WRITER] NODE -f PERLFILE FILE DESCRIPTION
parsers an input file using the specified parser (which may be a built in stag parser, such as xml) and filters the resulting stag tree according to a user-supplied subroutine, writing out only the nodes/elements that pass the test. the parser is event based, so it should be able to handle large files (although if the node you parse is large, it will take up more memory) ARGUMENTS
-p|parser FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module xml assumed as default -w|writer FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module -c|count prints the number of nodes that pass the test -filterfile|f a file containing a perl subroutine (in place of the SUB argument) -q|query TAG1=VAL1 -q|query TAG2=VAL2 ... -q|query TAGN=VALN filters based on the field TAG other operators can be used too - eg <, <=, etc multiple q arguments can be passed in for more complex operations, pass in your own subroutine, see below SUB a perl subroutine. this subroutine is evaluated evry time NODE is encountered - the stag object for NODE is passed into the subroutine. if the subroutine passes, the node will be passed to the writer for display NODE the name of the node/element we are filtering on FILE the file to be parser. If no parser option is supplied, this is assumed to a be a stag compatible syntax (xml, sxpr or itext); otherwise you should parse in a parser name or a parser module that throws stag events SEE ALSO
Data::Stag perl v5.10.0 2008-12-23 STAG-GREP(1p)

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STAG-FLATTEN(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  STAG-FLATTEN(1p)

stag-flatten - turns stag data into a flat table SYNOPSIS
stag-flatten -c name -c person/name dept MyFile.xml DESCRIPTION
reads in a file in a stag format, and 'flattens' it to a tab-delimited table format. given this data: (company (dept (name "special-operations") (person (name "james-bond")) (person (name "fred")))) the above command will return a two column table special-operations james-bond special-operations fred If there are multiple values for the columns within the node, then the cartesian product will be calculated USAGE
stag-flatten [-p PARSER] [-c COLS] [-c COLS] NODE <file> ARGUMENTS
-p|parser FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext xml assumed as default -c|column COL1,COL2,COL3,.. the name of the columns/elements to write out this can be specified either with multiple -c arguments, or with a comma-seperated (no spaces) list of column (terminal node) names after a single -c -n|nest if set, then the output will be a compress repeating values into the same row; each cell in the table will be enclosed by {}, and will contain a comma-delimited set of values SEE ALSO
Data::Stag perl v5.10.0 2008-12-23 STAG-FLATTEN(1p)
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