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ecaccess-association-protocol(1p) [debian man page]


ecaccess-association-protocol - List the supported ECtrans Protocols SYNOPSIS
ecaccess-association-protocol -version|-help|-manual ecaccess-association-protocol [-debug] [-gateway name] [protocol-name] DESCRIPTION
List all the ECtrans Protocols supported. When a protocol-name is specified then the details for this Protocol are displayed. ARGUMENTS
protocol-name (optional) The name of the ECtrans Protocol to retrieve the details. OPTIONS
-gateway name This is the name of the ECaccess Gateway where to list the ECtrans Protocols supported. It is by default the Gateway you are connected to. In order to get the name of your current Gateway you can use the ecaccess-gateway-name command. When using the commands at ECMWF the default Gateway is always "". -version Display version number and exits. -help Print a brief help message and exits. -manual Prints the manual page and exits. -debug Display the SOAP messages exchanged. EXAMPLES
ecaccess-association-protocol List all the ECtrans Protocols supported on your default Gateway. ecaccess-association-protocol -gateway genericFtp List the details/options of the Protocol genericFtp on the Gateway. SEE ALSO
ecaccess-association-delete, ecaccess-association-get, ecaccess-association-list, ecaccess-association-put and ecaccess. perl v5.14.2 2012-04-16 ECACCESS-ASSOCIATION-PROTOCOL(1p)

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