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vinvert(1vi) [debian man page]

vinvert(1Vi)															      vinvert(1Vi)

vinvert - invert image pixel values SYNOPSIS
vinvert [option ...] [infile] [outfile] DESCRIPTION
vinvert inverts each input image to produce a corresponding output image. The operation is suitable for swapping black and white in a grey- scale image. Each output pixel is computed from the corresponding input pixel by out-pixel = M - in-pixel where M is the maximum value allowed by the pixel representation, or 1 in the case of float or double pixels. Input pixel values must lie in the range [0,M]. Each output image has the same number of bands, rows and columns, and the same pixel representation, as the corresponding input image. COMMAND LINE OPTIONS
vinvert accepts the following options: -help Prints a message describing options. -in infile Specifies a Vista data file containing the input images. -out outfile Specifies where to write the output images as a Vista data file. Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams. SEE ALSO
vnegate(1Vi), vop(1Vi), VImage(3Vi), Vista(7Vi) AUTHOR
Art Pope <> Vista Version 1.12 24 April 1993 vinvert(1Vi)

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vtopgm(1Vi)															       vtopgm(1Vi)

vtopgm - convert image from Vista data file to portable graymap SYNOPSIS
vtopgm [-option ...] [infile] [outfile] DESCRIPTION
vtopgm converts one band of an image to a portable graymap (PGM) file. A wide range of filters are available to convert PGM files to other formats. This program only produces portable graymaps whose pixel values are in the range 0 to 255. Any type of Vista image is accepted, but the image is first converted to have ubyte pixels if necessary. This conversion is performed by VConvertImageRange(3Vi). COMMAND LINE OPTIONS
vtopgm accepts the following options: -help Prints a message describing options. -in infile Specifies a Vista data file containing the image to be converted. If the file contains more than one image, only the first is used. -out outfile Specifies the file to contain the portable graymap. -band band Specifies the image band to be converted. Default: 0. Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams. SEE ALSO
pgm(5), VImage(3Vi), Vista(7Vi) AUTHOR
David Lowe <> Vista Version 1.12 24 April 1993 vtopgm(1Vi)
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