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ykchalresp(1) [debian man page]

ykchalresp(1)						      General Commands Manual						     ykchalresp(1)

ykchalresp - Perform challenge-response operation with YubiKey SYNOPSIS
ykchalresp [-1 | -2] [-H] [-Y] [-N] [-x] [-v] [-h] OPTIONS
Send a challenge to a YubiKey, and read the response. The YubiKey can be configured with two different C/R modes -- the standard one is a 160 bits HMAC-SHA1, and the other is a YubiKey OTP mimicing mode, meaning two subsequent calls with the same challenge will result in dif- ferent responses. -1 send the challenge to slot 1. This is the default. -2 send the challenge to slot 2. -H send a 64 byte HMAC challenge. This is the default. -Y send a 6 byte Yubico OTP challenge. -N non-blocking mode -- abort if the YubiKey is configured to require a key press before sending the response. -x challenge is hex encoded. -v enable verbose mode. EXAMPLE
The YubiKey challenge-response operation can be demonstrated using the NIST PUB 198 A.2 test vector. First, program a YubiKey with the test vector : $ ykpersonalize -2 -ochal-resp -ochal-hmac -ohmac-lt64 -a 303132333435363738393a3b3c3d3e3f40414243 ... Commit? (y/n) [n]: y $ Now, send the NIST test challenge to the YubiKey and verify the result matches the expected : $ ykchalresp -2 'Sample #2' 0922d3405faa3d194f82a45830737d5cc6c75d24 $ BUGS
Report ykchalresp bugs in the issue tracker <> SEE ALSO
The ykpersonalize home page <> YubiKeys can be obtained from Yubico <>. yubikey-personalization Febuary 2011 ykchalresp(1)

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yhsm-yubikey-ksm(1)					      General Commands Manual					       yhsm-yubikey-ksm(1)

yhsm-yubikey-ksm - Decrypt YubiKey OTPs using an attached YubiHSM SYNOPSIS
yhsm-yubikey-ksm --key-handles ... [options] DESCRIPTION
This is a small network server with a REST-like API that decodes YubiKey OTPs. It can be used as a decryption backend (Key Storage Module) to a validation service such as the YubiCloud. The AES keys of the YubiKeys must be present as AEAD files decryptable to the attached YubiHSM. Such AEADs can for example be created using yhsm-import-keys(1). Note that this daemon is single threaded - it will only handle a single request at once. A request timeout is therefor most important. OPTIONS
-D, --device device file name (default: /dev/ttyACM0) -v, --verbose enable verbose operation --debug enable debug printout, including all data sent to/from YubiHSM --U, --serve-url base base of URL for decrypt web service (default: /yhsm/validate?) --port num port to listen on (default: 8002) --addr addr address to bind to (default: --key-handles kh, --key-handle kh key handles to use for decoding OTPs. Examples : "1", "0xabcd". --aead-dir dir, -B dir base directory for AEADs (default: /var/cache/yubikey-ksm/aeads) --reqtimeout num number of seconds before a request times out (default: 5) --pid-file fn write process id of server to this file BUGS
Report python-pyhsm/yhsm-yubikey-ksm bugs in the issue tracker <> SEE ALSO
The python-yubico home page <> YubiHSMs can be obtained from Yubico <>. python-pyhsm December 2011 yhsm-yubikey-ksm(1)

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