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uhd_cal_rx_iq_balance(1) [debian man page]

uhd_cal_rx_iq_balance(1)					   User Commands					  uhd_cal_rx_iq_balance(1)

uhd_cal_rx_iq_balance - Generate RX IQ Balance Calibration Table for a UHD Device DESCRIPTION
The Universal Software Radio Peripheral Hardware Drivers handle calibration information. This application sets up Receiver calibration for a daughterboard installed on the USRP. Because it uses the transmit side of the daughterboard as a test signal generator, this application only handles transceiver daughterboards. USRP Generate RX IQ Balance Calibration Table Allowed options: --help help message --verbose enable some verbose --args arg device address args [default = ""] --tx_wave_ampl arg (=0.69999999999999996) Transmit wave amplitude in counts --tx_offset arg (=934400) TX LO offset from the RX LO in Hz --freq_start arg Frequency start in Hz (do not specify for default) --freq_stop arg Frequency stop in Hz (do not specify for default) --freq_step arg (=7300000) Step size for LO sweep in Hz --nsamps arg (=10000) Samples per data capture This application measures leakage between RX and TX on an XCVR daughterboard to self-calibrate. SEE ALSO
uhd_cal_tx_dc_offset(1) uhd_cal_tx_iq_balance(1) UHD
March 2012 uhd_cal_rx_iq_balance(1)

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UHD_SIGGEN(1)							   User Commands						     UHD_SIGGEN(1)

uhd_siggen - Signal Generator using UHD hardware SYNOPSIS
uhd_siggen: [options] DESCRIPTION
Command-line signal generator application. OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -a ARGS, --args=ARGS UHD device address args , [default=] --spec=SPEC Subdevice of UHD device where appropriate -A ANTENNA, --antenna=ANTENNA select Rx Antenna where appropriate -s SAMP_RATE, --samp-rate=SAMP_RATE set sample rate (bandwidth) [default=1000000.0] -g GAIN, --gain=GAIN set gain in dB (default is midpoint) -f FREQ, --tx-freq=FREQ Set carrier frequency to FREQ [default=mid-point] -x WAVEFORM_FREQ, --waveform-freq=WAVEFORM_FREQ Set baseband waveform frequency to FREQ [default=0] -y WAVEFORM2_FREQ, --waveform2-freq=WAVEFORM2_FREQ Set 2nd waveform frequency to FREQ [default=none] --sine Generate a carrier modulated by a complex sine wave --const Generate a constant carrier --offset=OFFSET Set waveform phase offset to OFFSET [default=0] --gaussian Generate Gaussian random output --uniform Generate Uniform random output --2tone Generate Two Tone signal for IMD testing --sweep Generate a swept sine wave --amplitude=AMPL Set output amplitude to AMPL (0.0-1.0) [default=0.15] -v, --verbose Use verbose console output [default=False] SEE ALSO
uhd_siggen_gui(1) uhd_siggen 3.5 December 2011 UHD_SIGGEN(1)
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